There are more than 40 days left in the New Year, where to go, no one knows

Three years, because of various factors, let go of all efforts, how to prevent the next step? We can't say that we have given up all our efforts, because this is not the original virus anymore. We can only say that the virus has mutated and weakened, and we have changed from national epidemic prevention to our own fight against the epidemic, which follows the changes, so we should do our best to protect ourselves. Sheep are sheep, be ready to be sheep. This is my mentality. The country has decided to let go of the whole urban-rural fringe! In addition to the Xiangyang country in a manner of opening up, rely on yourself, Tiktok now more and more people send videos to the public to spread their illness, treatment process, reference it, life and death have life and wealth in the day to enhance the physique Hu Xijin has indicated, ready to be infected once a month. Prevent yourself! It has nothing to do with health. Six or seven years ago, a fat lump turned out to be invisible to me. I didn't care much about it. I saw it a few days ago, and I felt that it affected the appearance of the city