A disgusting thing happened

A while ago with a bunch of friends to eat, drink a little wine, no way to drive, happened to be out of mobile phone battery (no cash on the body), a friend gave the hotel gate driver 100 cash, said back to me change on the line, and then scattered, after driving me home (the hotel is only 1 km away from my home), said to 38, my mind is so close so expensive? But want people to pull the work at night is not easy, just say yes, the result of driving and said no change on the body (before the car has said the change, at that time did not say no change), I said that the line you write down my mobile phone number back to add a wechat you turn me on the line, we are integrty-based, I believe you, when the promise was very happy, "the big brother you rest assured", the result has never been heard from, I just want to say what is wrong with society now, and finally scold a sentence, poor is poor, you deserve to be poor for a lifetime!!! This is too disgusting money is not much, things disgusting people may have the wrong number, the driver is also in a hurry when I let him directly add my wechat, said added, the result is no friend application platform can be found platform should be able to find the platform should be able to find this person, and then in this exposure… You can pay Alipay transfer, if you have Alipay. 38 is there is a starting price to report the report is really surprising you don't have your own car charger ah, get it, this money is wrong. You can't tell your friends. The car can not charge the mobile phone, ah, white blind dozens of deserve to be poor for a lifetime should remember his wechat is not sure when he encountered an open point, black and blue to sell to teach. My father help friends to buy peach cake, and then peach cake hanging on the bike to thieves stole it, later my father gave friends 20, complain, do not drink, do not drive, do not drive a wine platform complaints, can not contribute to this climate