What was the luxury you most desired as a child, and did you get it?

Today at the foot of the mountain to see the netizens post Gao Gao heart really feeling when I was a child, there are children Liu Xing can drink Gao Gao every day, the heart is very envious of you as a child the most eager luxury is what? Have you got it now? Come and tell me! Tourists, if you want to view this post hidden content please reply [/hide] beef jerky freedom when I was a child most want to eat a packet of peach cake and a packet of green calcium milk biscuits, for a cup of malted milk. Childhood to the brewery beer when drinking water to find white Fumei son when I was a child, want to drink malted milk, but did not drink, later, teenagers, home conditions are good, began to use milk for Gao Gao, drink a lot of Gao Gao, OK, Gao Gao is not a cocoa butter, a blink of an eye in the 40s, that is, 40 or 50 years old, in a few years, Basically 50 or 60 years old, after that, find a nursing home to live in, you can sing the song that was popular in the university ------- opposite drop old lady look over, look over, look over, don't be scared by my appearance, in fact, I am very cute, old bachelor drop helpless, say it, who understands, please throw a few banknotes over, coaze me, Make me laugh. Added, see upstairs upstairs, can only say ------- I am forum steady brother, also known as hello ah tree brother. Just want to find a white rich beauty, give birth to a small stable brother. Just like wearing famous brands, such as Adidas, thinking about when can Adidas freedom, such as can buy, and not much like as a rural 60, the second in the family, no desire for material it a dime a little book scorpion king Sark giant, It is better to combine several small Transformers as a military compound born after 70 the only child in the family has no desire for material, primary school want to buy game consoles, did not buy into middle school period no idea, want to test the first, did not test out high school want to buy basketball, MP3, all bought the university want to buy iphone4, All I need now is a Porsche Paramella and a bike and I want to have a beautiful foreign brand of clothes just like you, nothing special, and my parents will give me Popsicle freedom if I want it, no matter how expensive it is. Have nothing missing