ICBC Chizhou Branch held an internal control evaluation and improvement work meeting

On November 24, ICBC Shenzhen Branch held a working meeting on internal control evaluation and promotion, with the main heads of departments and offices attending, and Ou Xiaopeng, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, presided over the meeting. At the meeting, the internal control and Compliance Department communicated and learned the "Notification on the Internal Control Evaluation and Monitoring Indicators of secondary Branches in the first three Quarters" (ICBC Anhui Internal Control [2021]35), and informed the Shenzhen branch of the monitoring indicators that lagged behind in the first three quarters and the list of monitoring indicators issued by the provincial bank. Each department reported the rectification situation of the problems involved in this line, analyzed the causes of the problems, and clarified the direction and target of the next rectification. Ou Xiaopeng, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, affirmed the rectification work of internal control evaluation problems in the first three quarters of 2021, and put forward work requirements for the upgrading of internal control evaluation files in 2021: The annual internal control evaluation and monitoring index data time point is November 30, the internal control compliance department should urge all professional lines, clear rectification measures, and implement rectification responsibilities; Each department should ensure that the problem rectification work is completed before the monitoring time of the head office, and effectively do a good job of governance and improvement. Second, strengthen analysis. All departments should carefully analyze the causes of existing problems, decompose and implement the problem indicators item by item, item by item, and clarify the rectification period and responsible personnel; It is necessary to combine monitoring and evaluation with daily business promotion and risk control, increase management efforts, and ensure the continuous improvement of indicator governance. Third, strengthen rectification. All departments should focus on the monitoring indicators issued by the provincial bank involving its detailed list of problems, strengthen the rectification work of problem data, and clarify the work measures to immediately rectify the indicators that are ranked lower or have a large gap with the average; There are many problems in the sub-branch outlets to strengthen supervision and help, prevent the micro gradually.
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