Goku, cut him! What a good…

  1. Goku! You fucking monkey! You have no mother no uncle, or see for the teacher how to scold you! How many fucking times have I told you, if a banshee has me, wait for my signal! Wait for my signal! Don't you laugh! You see for the teacher, every time you suddenly burst into the shock into soft, and then several times, for the teacher…… I'm afraid we won't be able to ferry them again. What a pity! Wukong love disciple, look at the tears of the teacher swear, next will not be an example, OK?
  2. Guanyin Bodhisattva, you have cancelled the accounts of black bear monster, green lion monster and yellow eyebrows old demon, we can't afford to play, fuck. You sent us to fight the Tang Monks, but you elevated them to such a high level, how can you fight them? Especially Sun Wukong, equipped with high attribute points, as well as summoning skills, the most gas is the entity attack ineffective, fire attack immunity, magic attack immunity… Forget about us alone. We can't beat a team! Stop talking. Let's go. 88.
  3. Eight precepts! You idiot! It's been ten miles. You can't hum a different song! Keep singing "Pray for Buddha", you look at the master crying!
  4. Amitabha, monastics do not use spoof. Donor woman, you are indeed the most beautiful and sexy woman that the poor monk has met since his trip to the East, you see your hair, this jade hand, this skin, this feel…
  5. The donor, a poor monk, has come from Dongtu Datang to kindly stay here for one night… Huh? The donor? Will you open the door, donor? Fuck!
  6. Queen, I Sanzang, we have arrived in the Llama country, miss you, kiss you. Don't text back. It's inconvenient because my apprentice is here.
  7. You monkey, not to respect the teacher, just in front of the spider, why did you get a leopard apron sexy? Why are you stealing the limelight from your teacher? Shut up! I don't care if you're a leopard or a tiger! Do you still know who you are? You're an ex-convict. Why are you pretending to me? You got a yellow hair on your head and a steel pipe and you're a whore? I fucking… Oh, Ami Tuo Buddha, good is good is good, for the teacher some lost form.

8, Wukong, the carp essence or let eight Jie go into the water to catch it. You are not good at water, in case you drown, how can you afford the salvage fee for the teacher! Oh, no, no, Bajie's fine. He'll float on his own.

  1. Bajie, Wukong is not here, you go to some fasting food. Wujing, you drink the horse first. … Eight precepts, Eight precepts, listen in. Remember! Just go to the family that we passed by, yes, that is, a village woman with a child, hit that as soon as the teacher smelled the fragrance, in the sauce elbow, double son fragrance! Go ahead, it's just a mother and a son. Give it or take it! Hurry back!
  2. Sun Wukong son, you used this ring to propose to Zixia Fairy? You're so funny! I don't have half a carat. No one would give a shit! Chang 'e was so shy I said: don't tell me love, first see how big the diamond ring! Alas, now the fairy more realistic ah, ah I tell you, on this ticket fairy daughter, you want to take a diamond SLATE brick to beat her to death, she did not call for help!
  3. Oh, the market here is really busy, haven't passed such a bustling area for a long time. Ah Wukong you see, those several have been following us from the west baby, curly hair big eyes, so cute! Really simple and cute, ha ha ha…… Huh? Bajie, where's your rake? Hey Wujing, where's our luggage? Aaargh! Where's my white dragon horse? !
  4. Wukong, Bajie, Wujing, come in front of the teacher. Aaargh… No offense, but have you forgotten what I taught you? You, my masters and apprentices are all members of the Buddhist family. No stealing, no lying, no evil words, no greed, no hatred, no delusion, you should always remember this in your heart! If one's heart is devoted to Buddha, how can one attain enlightenment without self-cultivation? All right, let me ask you, who the fuck is that?! Last night, while he was sleeping, he logged in and stole my food? !
  5. Look, Brother Sha, if you catch a cockroach, will Sun Wukong invite all the gods? Seriously, how many times have you seen this monkey catch a goblin by himself? Every time, he shouted with the goblin: "You don't go! Don't go! I'll blow my whistle and have you hacked to death!" Oh, my God! He's a man of power! Hey, look at how many gods came up on this day, yo, there are a few riding brooms, wow, the heaven's sanitation are called to come.
  6. "Goku! Stop being rude! Oh, old man, the poor monk came from East Earth Datang, passing by here today, I wonder if the old man can open the door… Old man, please don't insult me again. The poor monk apologizes for the great disciple… Old man, please don't stick the poor monk… Old man, please calm down… old Why don't you try touching me again, old man? … Oh, what the fuck? Wukong! Cut him! Eight precepts enlightenment net you also on, teeth knocked out eyes tied blind leg discount! What a kindness!"
  7. Goku bastard! Don't do it! Those donors are not monsters, how can you continue to teach, and then kill at will? ! … Meaning? They buy land to build buildings? Amitabha --, enlightenment, help for the teacher to take the five Buddha crown; Wukong, borrow the golden cudgel as a teacher! No, Bajie, give me your rake! Your fucking…
  8. Master -- I'm back! Be eight rings this nerd said, the sand brother really good life of the dull SAO! He didn't go begging. He went to an Internet cafe. He was Posting on the forum when I snuck in! What "Rough handsome man tour country, huge pp, please hit"……
  9. Aha! Tang Dynasty monk, polite and courteous! I am a magistrate of my county, and these 25 colleagues are deputy magistrates of my county. Well, there are over a hundred people out there who are all assistant magistrates. In exchange for customs documents 牃 things are not urgent, please Tang Dynasty monks and four high disciples, with me to go to the county office upstairs Yingge Garden entertainment? Of course there is! Everything you've ever seen is yesterday's girl. Be safe! It's perfectly safe! It's owned by my uncle's brother…
  10. msn signature of the King of the daughter country: Elder surname Tang, sweet to sadness.
  11. Monk Tang: Amitabha, Wukong, don't blame the teacher anymore. The monks are compassionate. The teacher only saw that the donor was in great pain, so he let Wujing help him onto the horse. Well, quickly make a stealth method will alms bowl and for the teacher kasaya from the yamen back.
  12. Goku, are you okay? Come on, wake up! Bajie Wujing, don't run away! Come back and save for the teacher! Yaaawn… Stop fighting! Stop fighting! … The poor monk really went to the West to seek the true Scriptures… Just come here in exchange for customs clearance documents 牃 ah! Yes, yes! That is the customs clearance form 牃, not a letter of complaint…… Those are my apprentices! We're really not here to collectively petition… Aaargh!
  13. Wukong, bring the purple bowl and chopsticks for the teacher, Wujing, you go to the kitchen to see if the eight rings are done.
  14. Master, just get on your horse. How can you keep fit with these two steps? What kind of idol do you pretend to be? You see you let Sun Wukong pick wild fruit to go, improve the food can die? I'm proof enough that you can't lose weight with vegetarianism.
  15. They say, if you love, love deeply. At this moment, I burst into tears. Although I have said to myself more than once: "Jade rabbit spirit, you must be happy!" However, he is a man like the wind, shattering my elegant dignity, making me lonely like fireworks… Will you stay? Elder Tang, will a banshee love you for me in the west?
  16. Wujing, you see you don't drink the horse, and hold the phone to play selfie. As the teacher said, you have a big face and a wide beard, and no matter how you pout will not be Kawaii. Here, take some pictures for me, teach you some scissor hands.
  17. Bajie, your big brother has been sent back to the Flower and fruit Mountain by me, but you are so embarrassed! Still do not change your bad habits of being a leader in heaven before Shuanggui! The master told you to go into the cave to find out about the goblin, and you stole a belly! Oh, bad boy! I should have changed your nickname to Nine Precepts! … Show it to the teacher. Is it the original?

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