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What is more than too much 360┎○ GP you are not a regular Pearson, have not seen interns can send money? You don't have to go to work. Nobody's forcing you to. You can't even go to the department on a regular basis. Please put yourself right ┎○ What are you doing in this rubbish hospital? Go to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Shenzhen at once. Young people should dare to do dare to think, a. ┐ ┎ posts is a virtue, a. ┐ ┎ interns can't bird he ┎.through ┐ this hospital where ┎ ┐ again not to send money, squeezing the intern ┎.through ┐ hospital are ┎.through ┐ don't want you to pay money to practice good ┎ ┐ hospitals is such, love will come (or not), a. ┐ ┎ you want to relax at home sleeping ┎ ┐ study medicine is very hard, And study time is very long ┎○ medical study to have this psychological preparation, after the age of 35 to be comfortable. There's no reason why you could stay in this shitty hospital without going to ┎ 〇. Go to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Shenzhen at once. ┎ 〇 gp: ┎ 〇 gp: ┎ 〇 gp: It would be nice to have a hospital to accept you for an internship
Lingshan Public Security adhere to the guidance of public opinion, start from the small things around, attentively, with emotion, force for the private good, do practical things, spread the positive energy of the people's police, and interpret the responsibility and responsibility of the people's police. On September 22, 2023, Lingshan Public Security police rescued a drunk in time and escorted him home safely. At 18:00 on September 22, the county Public Security Bureau Tanxu Police station received a public alarm that an old man of about 60 years old was noisy on the roadside in the Tangpo Village Committee section of the 209 National Road in Tanwei Town, and there were many passing vehicles, which was very dangerous. After receiving the report, police Xie Houyu, auxiliary police Liang Chunlin immediately rushed to the scene. After arriving at the scene, the police found an old man with a strong smell of alcohol on the side of the road. Xie Houyu then came forward to ask the old man's name and home address, but at this time the old man is already drunk, the police can not get valuable information from his mouth. Subsequently, Xie Houyu and others helped the elderly to the police car and carried out visits and investigations along the Tangpo Village Committee and surrounding areas. Through visiting the masses, Xie Houyu learned the identity and address of the elderly. Subsequently, Xie Houyu drove the old man back home safely. When the elderly family members saw the safe return of their drunk relatives, they thanked the police repeatedly. Before leaving, the police reminded the family to look after the man carefully, see a doctor in time if necessary, and educate him to avoid accidents again. Police remind: the masses in the family reunion, friends dinner, do not drink too much. After drinking, self-protection should be strengthened, try not to go home alone after drinking, and the obligation to escort, help and take care of drunken people should be done. No matter how you return after drinking, you must abide by traffic laws and regulations and be responsible for yourself and others. There are: ┎ 〇 There is no doubt that there are: ┎ 〇 There are: ┎. There are: ┎. There are: : ┎. There are: ┎. ┎○ Lingshan Mountain is mine