Mood station

Mood post is originally to write some feelings in the heart of things, why I posted yesterday was deleted? Is that a crime? Or did it annoy anyone? inconceivable
Can we still have good communication and peace here?
You deleted the profile picture and deleted the post, and it was not unreasonable.
What kind of logic is that? A lot of people don't have a profile picture.
Your topic is too sensitive! Everyone or min has their own beliefs, do not judge them unilaterally. You speak well, but others don't…
But I didn't say anything. I'm not criticizing them for anything
Mine was deleted?
The one I wrote yesterday about Ramadan has all been deleted. ?????
Let's not talk about it. What say you? Take the day off? This Dragon Boat Festival these days have no holiday? How did you get by?
Today I got a villa business, recently this luck is not generally good, another customer took the initiative to find me, this is the rhythm of sending money ah o(∩∩)o I made what evil! You have to be humble. You'll be struck by lightning. ^ ^ omega Can you tell me what line of work you are in? Interior design? I'm so arrogant. What's wrong? o(∩∩)o
Well, that should be very talented, too arrogant, there are mountains outside the mountain, people outside the people O(∩∩)O I don't care who, I don't care who, I just want to be happy I wanted to read your article yesterday. I didn't think it was gone It was deleted from the website. It didn't say anything, just that they were fasting. Living with them every day in the same place, so I just want to write about my feelings. Did you see it? Did I say anything? I can't talk about my feelings when I'm with them every day. ????? Today received a villa, I was made what evil ah, the recent luck is too good, yesterday one, today one, suddenly a little uneasy up Don't get hit by lightning if you show off. ^o^^o^ Ha ha ha, just received a 129 square rental house, I am proud to smile, I am proud to smile o(∩∩)o
May I ask you a question? How much profit there is in renovating a villa
June 1 Children's Day, I wish us these surface scenery, heart wandering, face is not old, the heart has vicissitudes of life, seems to have talent, actually Jianglang, tired than mules, busy than ants, get up earlier than chickens, sleep late than dogs, than Yue Fei Zhongliang, than Φ Chang Φ star tension

Young and middle-aged, happy 61! Whether the time has left thirty or forty years, whether you are old or small, overage children, indulge yourself! Don't hold it in. It's hard being an adult, and it's the holidays, and you cry,

Laugh if you want, eat your hands if you want, wet the bed if you want! I wish all the friends of the altar always happy!
I'm an overage overage child. Old boys and girls. Ha, ha, ha.
I wish the children a happy holiday. I wish the old old children happy holidays. ^ ^ omega
Ha-ha! This is great!
I wouldn't do that
Lord soon
Because of the rain can not go to work, but still get paid, haha