Can you still eat pork liver overnight? I'm torn about whether to throw it away or not!

This morning bought pig liver forgot to burn, now just think of, do not know tomorrow can not eat, Baidu a lot of said can not eat, chef know? Do you want to throw it or not? Throw away only 5 dollars, burned may cost 500 refrigerator This weather as long as there is no change of taste, eat tomorrow refrigerator fresh-keeping and freezing will be OK, tell you that the general big city to buy all animal viscera including pig liver are quick-frozen thawing or cold fresh, the purchase is a much longer time of broad things, rest assured to eat often buy a piece of pig liver for two days to eat, put in the refrigerator freezer. New Year kill pig, pig liver all eat the same day? It should be fresh, and what you want to eat is cut on the live pig, so as to ensure that it is fresh and not spoiled. You can't take overnight money either. Throw it away! Winter should be okay? It's okay! It is not recommended to eat it when passing by, I go to my second uncle's house to buy fresh pig liver, I will deal with it if you can eat pig liver, the fresh taste is fresh, the overnight taste is just a little bit last time, the temperature is low, the eyes are closed, the hands are spread, the cloth is covered, the suona is played (that) the whole village and so on. If you eat bad, you can't throw away the best delicious fresh without preservation should not be able to do it, not bad you can eat nothing, you can eat in the refrigerator it doesn't matter, you can put the refrigerator pig: you are like this to me, your conscience will not hurt, this weather should be no problem, look at it, if it is bad, throw it away, good to eat. You didn't think all the livers you bought this morning were freshly cut from pigs, did you? Or a table for eight? Fortunately, it is not expensive, not so entangled, if you do not trust, then simply throw away the passing of the refrigerator is OK: a coffin lying, a cloth cover, ten people a table, the food does not matter, close your eyes to eat it, when just bought. Thanks for sharing. Can you eat it in the fridge? It's not broken. It's not bad. What's with the nose? Smell the taste does not know to eat the finished praise toxic put in the refrigerator, you can eat in the freezer, anytime seven.