For whom my heart moves

From eight years ago, penniless poor, hard work to now small achievements, during the period of how much suffering, suffered how much, can only silently bear alone, no care, no love efforts, and so on to reach their goals, suddenly look back, but found that they ignored the pursuit of love, in fact, there are a lot of beautiful girls around these years, But I have never been tempted, is my career too heavy? Or am I asking too much? I feel so confused ----
In fact, I know that the standard of love in my heart is extremely low. Because I grew up in a poor environment, so the woman's kindness and diligence is very important, do not care too much about her appearance and family, just get by. If I am a whether I am in good times or bad, can be with my true relative, love each other, never abandon the true feelings.
Can such feelings exist in today's money-oriented society? Am I trying to be too perfect? When I think of these, I hold the attitude of love away, so beautiful women in front of me I have shrugged, lonely to now, although the lonely feeling is not good, but than those false women bring me much better hurt.
Who does my heart move for? For the true feelings worth my pay, for the good woman worth my heart to love, for the perfection in my heart, do not need how beautiful she is, do not need her to have a rich family, everything about her is not important, the most important thing is her true relative and sharing ups and downs.
Is it really hard to have such a true relationship? ??????????????? ---
I believe that there are many sincere and kind people, but I have not met them yet
You said this I also understand in my heart, now my mentality is still, not what I want, I would rather be absent, is what I want, I will be desperate to fight for everything with my heart. Thank you for your reply.
Depressed, sent a post sink, in also can not find, sad drop!
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