I want to hear from beautiful women why men can't find a date

Ladies tell me, why many men can't find a partner, what is the reason

  1. No money
  2. No power
  3. No sense of responsibility
    4, like too many women, love is not exclusive
  4. You didn't meet the right person
    Butterfly on the head

I work in Zhuhai, want to find a girlfriend, I am 23 years old, have a stable income!

Life is too frustrated, filled with emotions… No more nonsense!
With a car and a house, it seems that women have been pursuing the focus of men! One is indispensable.
In order to find a girlfriend, I have worked hard for many years to have a car and a house!
A blast of
Come to SP for a while, has been in "looking for love again" inside, but no one likes a smaller man than himself, to "kick" me out. Come over here, take a walk, get some air, and find out who likes "second-hand".

After the run-in of marriage, there is no rough diamond horn; Because lost, so know how to cherish; Because of experience, do not train can be directly qualified for her husband's post.

Opportunity only belongs to the first person who dares to eat the crab.

Contact me intentionally, looking forward to your reply oh…
Where is mine? Kind, gentle, respectful of elders, 1.6-1.7m tall, demanding… Ho ho
I'll just go to my homepage and see…

A thousand miles to meet. Never meet without facing each other.
Where is my destiny? Where is she? Only slowly wait! I believe it will appear!
Oh, I came here to find her.
Edge to find a phoenix, round I a dream

I went to see a friend's wedding today.
It's really touching.
Feeling sour in my heart,
When am I gonna get married?
I'm really looking forward to it.
21, what's the rush ~~~~
Feel hungry for happiness,
Longing for a home.
I feel tired.
Men have shoulders, no feelings and countries! Personal love is worthless!

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    If everyone is an angel who has fallen into the world, then those with disabilities are one-winged angels created by the Creator. If angels can spread a pair of beautiful light wings to fly, then I say that angels can fly with one wing.

When those angels with sound white wings are still complaining that their feathers are not beautiful enough, the single-winged angels are caressing their pain, burying the pain, and turning the pain into strength. There is no healthy body of normal people, but the disabled can constantly hone their skills. Therefore, in the early morning when the stars were falling and the dawn appeared, the disabled were already struggling in the temper. It is the dawn that takes them on their way, and the stars that accompany them. Paralympians struggle day after day to make their wings stronger. The challenge is not terrible, disability is not terrible, terrible is the heart without light. Always believe that single-winged angels also fly, so, in the Paralympics arena, there are countless angels flying. Flying is their faith, flying is their strength, flying is their glory.

Can't you see the red flowers and the green leaves fighting for spring? Can't you hear the birds singing in unison? None of this is sad for one-winged angels, for they always have hope in their hearts. For them, hope is the elegance of listening to rain in spring, the freshness of appreciating lotus in summer, the brilliance of picking up a fallen leaf in autumn, and the joy of picking up a handful of snow in winter. The hope in the heart of a single winged angel, even in the harsh winter, has the warmth of spring. There is hope to accompany, even if the dark road, then difficult ladder, like climbing upward. The angel also flies with a single wing, flying between heaven and earth, spinning out of dazzling brilliance like a flower.

Can you remember the silent flower in the interpretation of the "thousand-hand Guanyin" last song? With limbs as wings, the silent world can also open gorgeous flowers; Can you remember walking through the temple of Earth, passing the Spring and Autumn Shi Tiesheng? With the pen pole as wings, the disabled limbs are also famous in the literary world. As long as you believe in yourself, one wing pain can be erased; A one-winged angel can fly if you believe in yourself. The extension of the years, the knock of the sun and the moon, there is no beautiful pair of wings, but there is strength in the heart, a deep and shallow footprints, recording one miracle after another.

God neglects to create a single winged angel, but it is still fair. It allows the sword of faith, the God of hope, and the power of confidence to accompany the one-winged angel. Single-winged angels fly freely between heaven and earth, show their spirit in the Paralympic Games, and spread the language of love in the world.

Everyone is an angel falling into the world, you can have your complete and beautiful wings, I can also fly, but flying is a single wing dance, the flow is a beautiful tassel

Deformity is also a kind of beauty

Stick to the right direction, have a clear goal, even if you fly not high, you will be very strong! It is a place where no one else has been, and it may be your paradise.