You had eight of these things. Prove you're happy

Being carried on my back!

Got a surprise!

Have been rewarded!

Laughing till your stomach hurts!

Someone is crying for you!

Let others moved!

Buy the clothes you like!

Win first place (whatever it is)!

Someone texted you in the middle of the night!

Talk on the phone with a close friend!

You have someone to take care of you when you're sick!

Birthday in the morning someone send SMS blessing!

From eating too much and having trouble with my stomach!

At the train station/airport, there are people to meet!

Someone help you sassafras your mouth after eating!

Walking with someone you love until your legs hurt!

Good things happen when someone thinks of you first!

Dad loves you!

Mom loves you!

Almost all of them. You're the happiest!
Read this just know, I have been very happy, ha ha.
Oh, this is happiness, indeed very happy. I don't know where my happiness is
The concept of happiness can be very simple, as long as we are satisfied, maybe each of us is happy
There is no such thing as contentment for anyone.
It is not you who are dissatisfied now, but the changes in the world are dissatisfied.
I loved a girl once.
Love, love, love.
I feel very happy. At that time I felt I was the happiest person in the world.
But they broke up in the end.
Once had most, now most have lost, this is happiness or not happiness ~~~ ' '