Small brother broadcast | Is there a "high-speed rail new area" in Shenzhen's planning?

How long has it been since you heard the name "high-speed Rail District"? In February 2020, the planning of the high-speed rail new area was pushed to the public for the first time, relying on the expanded Shenzhen South Railway Station, across the Zhifu and Laishan districts, will build the core new city in front of the station, star hotels, commercial offices, science and innovation center, ecological livable and other characteristics of the area. Shenzhen South Railway Station, Shenzhen South Railway Station, is the largest and most important high-speed rail hub station and urban transportation gateway in Shenzhen in the future, its expansion from the beginning of the project, naturally has become the top priority of Shenzhen traffic engineering. The expanded Shenzhen South Railway Station will assume the role of promoting urban space expansion and building an urban comprehensive transportation hub, and the area within its radiation scope is also planned as a high-speed rail new area, becoming a key development area. In April this year, the Provincial Transportation Department approved the Preliminary design of the project of the new Weifang to Shenzhen Railway Shenzhen South Station and the bullet train Application Institute. This also seems to indicate that the Shenzhen South Railway Station expansion project has indeed been put on the agenda. In July, the planning and design of the square in front of the South Railway Station was publicized on the website of the planning Bureau. The planned total land area of the square in front of the station is about 11.6 hectares. It will build a comprehensive transportation hub of "station and city" with a high standard, plan and layout of commercial, hotel, office and other buildings, and create a new square in front of the station with characteristics, aesthetics and practicability. On August 31, leaders of the planning Bureau of the Huang-Bohai New Area revealed when the high-speed railway West Station will be opened to traffic and how passengers will transfer in the future when they visited the "People's Livelihood Hotline". The HSR West Station is located in the south of Lhasa Street and the west of Taiyuan Road, about 6 kilometers away from Shenzhen International Airport. It is divided into two parts: station building and comprehensive transportation hub. The comprehensive transportation hub is located on the north side of the station building to undertake the transfer function of high-speed rail passenger flow, with a comprehensive transfer hall, a plaza in front of the station, a transportation management center, a long-distance passenger station, and a parking lot, etc., to realize zero-distance transfer of high-speed rail, subway, passenger transport, bus, taxi and other transportation modes. After the completion of the HSR West Station, it will jointly build a three-dimensional transportation system of air, sea, rail and public linkage with the adjacent Penglai International Airport, Shenzhen Port West Port Area and Shugang Expressway, and it is expected to have the conditions for opening to traffic in the first half of next year. Fushan high-speed railway Fushan Railway station is located in Dongting Street, Yulinggou Village, station building scale of 10,000 square meters, the new station yard set up two 4-line, platform 8 meters wide, 450 meters long, can gather up to 1200 passengers. The waiting hall connects with the supporting square in front of the station, and integrates various modes of transportation such as bus, taxi and bus in the square in front of the station, creating a new high-quality transportation hub and external display image for Fushan District. According to the progress of the project, the Fukuyama station building will be completed and accepted by the end of October, and the supporting square in front of the station and the resettlement area are also under construction. According to the plan, the unloading bridge and square paving construction will be completed within the year, and the construction will be delivered in June 2024. Fushan District plans to build 15.68 square kilometers of high-speed rail new area, filling the connection zone between Zhizao Core City and Jiahe New City, and will also become one of the new economic growth points of Fushan. Economic development is inseparable from the concentration of population, the smooth flow of traffic and the promotion of industry, although the high-speed rail new area is no longer a hot word in the population of Shenzhen, but the construction of high-speed rail and station has not stopped. With the construction of the Weiyan high-speed railway, station buildings along the line are also about to be completed, and the expansion of Shenzhen South Railway Station has also been put on the agenda. Driven by the transportation hub, the value of the surrounding area will inevitably be improved. Discus look at this business environment now, there are people dare to invest in this business environment now, there are people dare to invest in our village 5 years out of 2 planning drawings (pie), and finally the real pie did not see the village or which village. The real estate collapsed, there was no industry leader to invest in tobacco, and only local government funds could not implement the plan, so the cake painting could not go on. The government should finish the old third middle plot of Zhima first.