Am I really fat? How am I supposed to tell my boyfriend's parents that I broke the toilet when I went to the bathroom

After calm down, go to her boyfriend's home for dinner, or want to talk about the engagement thing again, after all, it also talks about now. But maybe it's just bad luck to have cold water stuck in your teeth. Go to the toilet, I put the toilet to it sit cracked this how long, how much weight I wow, can put the toilet sit cracked, this how to do? How and boyfriend parents say ah, I am still in the toilet, online help! It's cold and brittle! Go out and say, your toilet is broken and you don't change the color, it's aging! The future mother-in-law can be happy through the disaster as long as you are not embarrassed to say directly, go out to say what is this brand of toilet almost broke the baby's butt is big, good to raise! My toilet is strong, I should lose weight. My ass is not pinched. Girl, it's telling a story. It's funny. Fart fried products aging, and you do not have a dime relationship through the butt of the toilet quality is not good future mother-in-law happy ah, this daughter-in-law has a weight! The tonnage is not small, the aging of the product, my object is also broken in my home, a small matter. Top marriage thing should boyfriend go to your home just right ah this girl is too honest, pretend not to know, not to say, his family is embarrassed to say, not in the past. Don't panic. As long as it's not embarrassing, it's embarrassing to someone else who's in a hurry to get married. The whole Internet knows you have a big ass. Oh, my God, let your boyfriend carry the bag to see the color, aging! The story will be too funny to let your boyfriend go to the toilet, and then let him tell his parents that he broke the toilet, the quality of the toilet is not good, the girl's butt can be affected is the weight of two people, the mother-in-law knows can be happy speechless estimate is to buy a clever old cow! Shit. What's the big deal? It's fun. Congratulations on the birth of your son! Don't ever sit on your husband and make up stories? Ha ha ha laugh it off don't say it should be changed ha ha shoddy old products you are really funny this is nothing, just the problem of the toilet, if a toilet can not withstand the weight of 200 pounds, it is a quality problem must be standing on the top of the step ha ha said there is a toilet seat? There's too much bad, normal shit, and you're not embarrassed by it? It is estimated that the butt is too big, nothing, my husband sat bad my mother's two butts were not bitten, fine butt toilet lid cracked OK, if the toilet is blocked really embarrassing very normal, a long time, aging, go to Peace Road to buy a good 20 dollars good ass haha, big ass son!! The toilet lid is too big, does not meet the size of the toilet, so it will crack to 20 yuan toilet lid easy to break oh ho pedal on the toilet. Squatting on the toilet. Old driver, take me so carelessly high, really master toilet quality reasons. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Marry him and pay for it