A little boy in Grade two said that because he loved playing games, his mother dropped his mobile phone

Remember last weekend on the bus heard a little boy told his classmates that he did not have a mobile phone, the first day of the night to play games did not sleep, his mother said to him several times but he did not listen, his mother directly in front of his face to drop the phone, if the school to use the phone to fill in something must find his parents to borrow the phone. This little boy is very aware, he is still advising students to study hard, the students said can not quit, he said that is your mother is not cruel to you, he is at home to learn not to go in to sit in a daze are afraid to mention a word with his mother to play games. Later, I also listened to his results, every subject of science is very high in the top of the class but compared to English is a little poor. Many parents have a headache children addicted to playing mobile phones, how many really strict management? The real anti-addiction I told the child, before the age of 18, he should only have a phone watch, the end of the college entrance examination, will not play crazy games, the desire to fill up the previous deficit? Grades are important, but a healthy personality is even more important. I dropped my phone, too. It's a $3,000 thing. It's a fake. From there, the child was noticeably more honest, holding the IPAD in her hand, and when I asked her to put it down, she quickly put it down because she knew I could really drop it for her. Now in high school to live on campus, the school directly does not allow mobile phones.
Would you prefer a happy ending? So do you think it's a good ending when both men and women die? For example, when I was young, I saw the sweet nineteen sister and the legend of the fish beauty, and the final outcome is like this. Double pride expressed disobedience to Gan nineteen younger sister when I was a child, other plots are not remembered, only remember the final battle to love each other to kill such a look once dont see the second tragedy oh.
Why do you see a low percentage and feel like there are so many rich people around? This is China's unique national conditions, the population is too large, taking Shanghai as an example, more than 20 million people, according to the figure above, the proportion of over 10,000 is 36 percent, that is, 7.2 million people, you touch the probability is too great! Similarly, China's GDP per capita is far from that of Western countries, but the number of rich people in China is second only to the United States. It is this huge population base, even if calculated according to the percentage of one percent, there are 14 million, which is basically the total population of small and medium-sized countries in Europe! It's like you always think there's BBA on the road. But just focus on BBA. Look closely at the little broken car more. Our forum except for me and the small security guards feel that the salary is more than 10,000… Monthly salary is meaningless, how much can be saved is meaningful! For example, my wife and I earn more than 10,000 yuan a month, and the couple who save 2,000 yuan a month and 6,000 or 7,000 yuan a month save 3,000, so the money that can be saved in the account is really meaningful income.