The tuition fee for the new semester in the kindergarten has been paid again, and not a penny has been lost

The tuition for the new semester is paid again, and not a penny is missing. In the last semester, classes were suspended for so many days because of the epidemic, and there was no refund, not a single notice. I thought I could lose it this semester, but I didn't lose it. Does the Education Bureau have a unified statement on this?? People's money is not blowing Ah, especially after the special period of the past few years, everyone is not easy. I hope that there will be a positive answer to the refund standard. … It's personal… My family's private kindergarten is refunded. A lot. … We did, but it robbed us of eight days. Calculate the cost per day, then multiply by the number of days of school suspension. A semester is 5 months long, and each month is calculated according to 22 working days. However, when there are only 18 working days in October and January, a student directly robbed the tuition for eight days. … Government-run… My little boy returned the money before he was a child… It seems that this refund is not a unified standard of the Education Bureau, but each kindergarten to decide how to return. … Our public kindergarten reduced last semester's refund… We returned over 2,000… Our public, the Bureau of Finance unified refunds, more than a thousand years ago, the public park of the Hailing District returned… I returned more than 300 public ones, and I returned the card without notice… Foreign language is non-refundable, this year's tuition cut… I don't know if there are any public kindergartens that haven't returned their fees… Which card should I return? I paid by Alipay… Public. I haven't made way. Ehh. … My family has a public refund of more than 1,000 childcare expenses and said that this semester's tuition fees will be offset by food