Last week Shenzhen property market new residential transactions 447 units, the average price of 10,800 yuan /㎡

Last week, 447 new residential units were sold in the Shenzhen property market, with an average price of 10,800 yuan /㎡. Among them, the largest number of deals is Zhifu District, 120 sets, and the highest average price is Laishan District, 12,958 yuan /㎡. Last week, the three projects with the highest transaction volume in the Shenzhen property market were Yunshandu (26 sets), Huarun Center (21 sets), and Northern Europe Park (20 sets) in Zhongrui Dingfeng, Fushan District. Now there's a folk saying… Do you know if anyone noticed… That is, Muping District house prices have long surpassed Fushan… Just Muping district house prices are. That's just a…. Muping is 8800 start… To 12,000…. Is there a house at this price in Fukuyama? People Muping even the suburbs are about 10,000 price… Can you imagine what prices will be in the city… Must be more than the average price in Rye Hill… Welcome to the rural-urban fringe - Fukuyama Fukuyama is already a housing price depression… Muping surpassed. Big brother, above is the price of the new house, where the old broken little you don't understand my meaning………..