Who cooks bacon and bamboo shoots

All along, I have insisted on cooking by myself (in addition to breakfast, occasionally eat in the cafeteria at noon), and at night I buy food and go home to do it. Even if I don't, I have to learn to do it, for fear that my son will grow up in the future, I can't let my son cook for me.
I've been cooking for years. But I have never burned bamboo shoots, today passing by the market, I bought one by chance, think about the bacon at home, I have long heard the big brother say that bacon cooked bamboo shoots are very delicious, but never burned bamboo shoots, tonight dinner, I tried once, I do not know how to burn out the flavor of ribs, the bamboo shoots seem to be very green, not the old bamboo shoots can not enter the taste, the taste is sloppy, I do not know that there is a big brother big sister can guide one or two, let the little brother also long knowledge.
Do you buy old bamboo shoots or young ones? How to get rid of the original taste of salted meat
One word: Stew! ~

The bacon should be braised and the bamboo shoots should be braised. I like the bamboo shoots old, chewy. Stew for a long time can taste It is best to put some pork belly stew together, that is the famous "castration chop fresh". Not detailed enough, but thank you for your reply. Find 1 online, no longer, directly find a wife home to help you do
First in 80 degree water, you can partially remove the flavor
You think looking for a wife is like shopping for clothes? I do, too. Women are demanding these days.
I was directly put cold who blanched, boiled water took out, and then washed in cold water, add scallions, ginger, cooking wine stewed, and then put MSG mix.
This dish is already very fresh, the product is the original taste, it is best not to add MSG, I often do at home, is upstairs sister said "pickled Tu-fresh"
Tell me about how I make this dish
First cut slices of salted meat, boil water in the pot with scallions and ginger cooking wine to blanch the meat slices and then wash, fresh bamboo shoots cut hob blocks or pieces, thin hundred pages into a small knot, cut a little carrot slices for use.
Add an appropriate amount of water to the casserole, add meat slices, fresh bamboo shoots, shutter knot, simmer until the soup is slightly white, add carrots, cook for a while and add scallion. Salty to see personal preferences adjust, I personally eat more light without salt just.
The big sister did the right thing, that day I added MSG to start the pot, the result tastes too fresh, MSG should not be put
Float up
A lot of my friends, their spouses have their own little secrets, no one is looking at the content of each other's phone messages, what do you think of this phenomenon
I think the most important thing for two people to be together is to be honest with each other. If you can't do that, it's not much fun
First of all, I think both people should learn to respect each other's personality and believe that what the other person does will not hurt each other's feelings
Secondly, I think that since we decide to be together, whether your friends or my friends are our common friends, we should treat each other with courtesy. If there are friends who threaten our feelings, we can discuss together and decline to interact with each other
Secondly, since I have decided to join hands for life, I think there should be no privacy, because when we face everything together, this is our common interest and topic
In fact, no matter what you are interested in, it does not matter, as long as it does not hurt the interests of the family, does not violate morality, and does not lose the principle of being a lover, I think it is feasible