[Netizens break the news] Which ETC do all the bosses use?

Which ETC does each boss use? How about the offer? … China Merchants Bank… Is there an event… At the beginning of the discount, and then gradually no discount. … Even if there is no discount, is it the same as the cost of walking? … Agricultural and commercial bank, about 0.836 discount… Do the agricultural commercial bank is OK, every time to go to the high speed discount, now seems not very good to do, in the agricultural commercial bank App seems to be able to do, or go to the business hall to ask. … Slightly cheaper, negligible, ICBC's… My two cars are rural commercial bank ETC bind a credit card, the comprehensive discount is about 20% more. … Easy to get a card; Note to eliminate difficulty; Don't believe you can try Alipay how about… Agricultural and commercial banks are generations of etc… Why cancel? ETC is just a peripheral attached to a credit card, and there is no rental fee