What are the good habits of Wuhan girls

Say it to listen to why I was in Wuchang to locate me to Jiangxi, so strange why not say bad habits, good habits let me don't know what to say. Demolition home rich 5 floor full :heavy_plus_sign: beautiful, lovely, kind and generous. Married men have experience. Beautiful, kind, generous, elegant, quiet, refined, pure, cheerful, virtuous, lively, frank, lovely, naive, dignified, gentle, virtuous, talented, handsome, considerate, spoiled, capricious, independent, love of beauty is not enough, not enough because I feel bad, Want to hear good paralysis self that is good to eat lazy to do their own (do not go to work do not cook do not wash) capital you against your will? Then you do not understand me, proud of me: reputation, there are good and bad, before was before, now is bt like slag It seems you are still too young, failure reasons I help you sum up, remember to learn: Not after 95 failure without Fei Xiang 190 failure message not seconds back do not play the game failure will not do the problem do not play soul failure without Dourgen strength grade is not very low failure in the failure of the most miserable or that sentence read more, also did not tell us this group of cheating women's feelings of men should read what book admire the characteristics of the new girl: When I like you, I'm a little fairy tut, and when I bother you, I'm a chicken bitch yelling at you. I can bully my husband any way I want, but outsiders say my husband is bad, I shovel him to death. Common interests: lazy can get it done, it is a good habit. If you can't fix it, it's a bad habit. We're all underdogs, BT. Discuss this heated topic here. Beware of being sprayed. Ha, ha, ha. I'm not afraid I'm divorced. It doesn't matter if you're divorced or not. Looks like you're a witch's wand for fairies… It's okay. It's not like that. People have thousands of faces, can not say that you meet not a stick to call all Wuhan girl Acriz. I think Wuhan girl Acriz is still quite atmospheric, like my husband, although sometimes want to produce others, but the cook for him a dog to eat or do the same. Will it be, not afraid of heaven and earth, afraid of men will speak love ah. That is not, can only say that he went the wrong way, choose the futures to ruin the family, is his mistake also cook? It's already good that you're using the results to backtrack whether the process is correct or not. This perspective is easy to beat. But there's no point. A man. Be proud. What a big deal… Well, then you're pretty free and easy. Well, you can't waste your energy on someone who's already useless. Sing the same song to the same mountain. This is the time to sing the stop loss song. It has been carried for more than two months, and now I feel back to the beginning, it is really suffering, why some people are so easy to rebound from the trough, but I have been unable to find confidence for such a long time and some people can't walk out for a lifetime. A lifetime of nagging and brooding. In fact, there is a high probability that it is not heavy feelings, it is low emotional intelligence. Then, the trajectory of a lifetime is also a rule to follow, and it can probably deduce what he will do with a thing. These days, divorce is as common as falling out of love. Sometimes hungry, will let you know what is good food. You're a great distraction. A few more bricks. Everything's done. What-what-what-what-what-what-where are you from. What are the advantages I have no advantages is a gambler who plays futures would rather believe that there are ghosts in the world, but can not believe what the man's mouth says, not married is a person waiting to die, married is looking forward to the other side to die first, smile, no big deal. People like me, who don't make promises, sometimes they're forced to make promises. Tough. Big brother does not say that the second brother life needs a ceremony, then how about Wuhan girl acrimonious mouth tofu heart up to human life where there is such a? You are sure not fried hair some real fried, some fake fried… Really blow up single pick Guan Yu is not a problem I think Wuhan girls independence is very strong home house demolition, demolition money is lazy? As the saying goes: The world you see is your own reality. Wuhan girl Ya is very good, dare to love and hate, frankly you feel very deep ah, you mean that you can have money in your hand, you can not tell others the reality when you have no ability, if you have a stereotype of Wuhan girl Ya, you can find a foreign, Wuhan girl Ya also do not have a black region? Like where to find where, it is normal operation, if you do not like Wuhan girls, find other places, do not know where you see in the region black