A woman who is almost 30 years old, was dumped on her birthday, and my mother said that I could only find a second marriage later.

On my birthday, I broke up with a blind date man because of some small contradictions. The blind date man was introduced by his family, so I can't talk about how much I love him. But the blind date man thought I didn't love him enough, so he broke up on the trigger, and there was a sense of relief in his heart at that time. Because I often think that if I really get married for the sake of getting married, I don't know what will happen later. Mother knew after scold me, she said that with my IQ EQ looks after age can only find a second marriage or find a younger than me, behind will be pointed at. Just a few days ago, someone asked my colleague to help her friend find a boyfriend, the girl is 29 years old, want to find a 30+, and then my colleague said that 29 also want to find 30 years old, find a 40 second marriage is almost… Are these the prevailing values? There is also the recent hit of the big man, misleading how many ignorant women and children, a JP colleague of mine saw me and said that the big man saw the tree, the film is very directional, telling the leftover women not to hang on a tree, to diversify development. ### angry words, there are many people willing to accept 40 years old second marriage, ha ha ### bullshit? ### Women, look at the good or not, men, look at the amount of money, that's it. ### Nothing let it go instead of settling for a task, it's better to find a you like ###… Pass under the roof. Support you. ### Well, that's exactly what happened. It's not the values, it's the reality. Is it really so, no wonder now the small three rampant, everyone put their husband closely, 30 leftover women came… ### Don't be so pessimistic, really ### #30 hasn't arrived yet, what a hurry! It depends on fate. I got married in November last year. My husband is three years older than me. It's all good. It's both first marriages! It's just the right time to find the right person! Come on!! You really have to find the right one to get married. That's right. The difference in values and sociality between men and women leads to the difference in marriage age. Online inadvertently see, in 30 years old married 40 years old Jiang. ### I think the character is good enough ### # Parents have been saying this to me, and even let me go to the blind date with the second marriage. Say what you want to get married, but I just don't like the feeling of marriage for the sake of marriage, just make do with my personality will often quarrel. But it's getting worse and worse than the parents ###LZ ready to do three? If we follow the logic that only 30 people can find a second marriage, we think this idea is correct, then where does the second marriage come from, and where does the third marriage come from? Don't go if you don't want to. It's better to live for yourself. Cheating doesn't have to lead to divorce. On my friend's birthday on Saturday, I called another friend (male) on QQ and exchanged greetings with each other. When I talked about the recent relationship, I said that I had broken up, and the man immediately said, "I am not going to get married in my life." I'm not here to take you on. ### For a rainy day, when LZ opens his mouth, it can't be done. ^_^### # Recently birthday friends so many, have to laugh. A friend invited everyone to attend her birthday party during the Chinese New Year a year ago, which made me think that my birthday is coming soon, 30 (imaginary age) seems to be an important day, but also the starting point of the next 10 years, but for women it is a hurdle. The 20th birthday is generally the parents, 30 years old under normal circumstances should be the husband gave. People who have not married at the age of 30 are in an embarrassing situation, parents have not said how to pass the birthday, and the time is getting closer and closer I see it is too late to book a hotel and call relatives. They began to set up a good restaurant thinking of a happy 3 to eat a meal, mother said called a blind date man, I also agreed, did not think the day before the birthday will break up. Old people often say that 30 do not do, 40 do not send. Chinese people still regard 30 as a more important birthday, when I Exbf birthday, he went abroad very early thinking more Westernized, did not pay much attention to this. But I took it very seriously, and I had a very simple idea that I wanted him to succeed in his career. On that day, he was sick and rested at home. I thought it would be impossible for us to celebrate our birthday together. At least we should buy a cake. In the winter, there was a light rain and some water on the ground, so I asked for leave and left work early, changed several subway trains and bought what was called the best cake in Shanghai. Full of joy to call him, said I took the cake to your home downstairs, you go downstairs to take it. That day, I was wearing fur boots, and there was water on the ground and I walked quickly, and I didn't pay much attention to the fact that the toe was basically all wet and penetrated into the socks and the whole foot like ice. EX's words made my heart cool. He said he was too sick to walk in bed. He asked me to keep the cake for myself. A person loves a person silly ignorance, a person does not love a person when cruel themselves do not feel. Not long after EX went abroad, we naturally broke up, from him I have never taken it upon myself to be good to a person, and then the feelings are always light. May be too cold that day, let my heart no longer have temperature. EX sent me a pony doll for my birthday this year. He probably wants me to have everything right away. Now I have let go, also understand that not pay will be rewarded. But sometimes you can't just live for yourself. Why do you want to get married, because you want to spend this life with someone you love. There is no suitable person alone, a 30-year-old person, should be able to withstand the pressure of public opinion around the relatives, Chinese relatives are like this, always to care about these, everyone knows, from small to large, results, work, love, marriage, children… You think that being single is a kind of pressure, that being in love and never getting married is also pressure, being married and never having children is also pressure, and so on and so on. No matter how you live, your parents always have to worry for you, those seven aunts and eight aunts have to talk about it, live your own life, you can't control what others say so much. I remember when I was 29, I told my mom that if I didn't meet the right person, if I didn't find someone to fall in love with, I wouldn't get married, I would stay single. The result is the mother to anger half to death, I am more stubborn in this aspect, do not like the family to force me. As for the conditions of the other half, in fact, age, whether the second marriage is a secondary condition, the key depends on whether you are suitable. Only you know if it's good or not. In fact, when you are single, people around you are always more worried than you, your parents and friends want you to get out of single as soon as possible. I said to my mother at that time, why do I have to get married, why do I have to marry him if there is a condition that is acceptable, and the person is honest and tolerable? I won't marry someone I don't love! I'm not getting married and not having kids? ! My life at 30, I can't make my own decisions about this? ! Ahh… Anyway, it's another big fight with mom, and everyone's really upset about this. You think you're free when you have a boyfriend? At least I am not, people around me have been urging me to get married, saying that I am old, hurry up, hurry up! I'm sick of hearing it! Mom was happy for a while, used to always trust people to date something, and now tell the world that her daughter has a boyfriend. After a few months began to urge marriage, said people anyway is good, everyone conditions are similar, are very old, talk about a year can also, hurry up to do it! This time I did not follow her meaning, said why a year to get married ah, I have to see more, more understanding of each other, I also do not like a flash marriage what, besides, we still feel not to get married this, should not be so anxious. When to do it, this has to be done by ourselves, our own decisions, all day long like to push, boring! You think that's the end of it? When I finally decided to start thinking about getting married, a wonderful relative came, of course, she was also anxious for me, saying: "Since you are going to get married, you can prepare for pregnancy, you are very old, this to seize up, anyway, many people are already pregnant on their wedding day." I heard that my heart was very angry, I am not married, I have to go on honeymoon, I have to do anything else, when the baby you don't worry about! 30+ What happened, because of the age of this thing, people around me remind me every day, saying that other people's children are very big, don't be picky… From beginning to end has been urging, life events must have a time plan, not because of hurry, hurry to decide, have to step by step. Anyway, I know that these days never end, it's an infinite cycle… ### Marriage for marriage's sake doesn't end well… Unless you're all pretty calm