Think life is hopeless

Really feel, very painful spirit can only feel uncomfortable as if doing no fun, also do not want to talk depressed, no smiling face, frowning used to like to eat, always looking for good food everywhere feel that drinking a milk tea shopping singing to see the movie is particularly satisfied now is fat, is losing weight, the fun of eating without shopping singing to see the movie is completely no time children go to primary school, My grades are poor and I am told by the teacher every two days that I can only go home after work and stare at my homework until 11 o 'clock every day to sleep, physical and mental exhaustion the most hit me, or the career path has come to an end, the middle level can not go up, also can not lift the energy like a salt fish, or a frog and do not like to talk, introverted, capriciousness, interpersonal tension, economic, They say that they have money and they live a simple life and they say that they have no money and they don't seem to be, they just become assets and they can't move and they don't seem to have any place that makes people particularly satisfied. Sometimes they feel that their life is hopeless and they want to see a psychologist or believe in some kind of teaching that has no desires and no desires and keep warm together and be loved and saved and they have to find fun in ordinary life, appreciate their own life and appreciate themselves, Otherwise you will live in hell. The syndrome after the epidemic needs to change the mentality, and the dull life is the most happy anxiety caused by the midlife crisis. Or too much desire, not enough desire… Most mothers in the state of mind to give birth to a second child, life is full of hope to find some hobbies, such as crochet, baking together to fuel weight loss ah is really the majority? Well, I guess they're both suffering. If everyone's the same, I'll think a little. There will be no baking in this life, and the epidemic has done a lot at home. It takes a lot of work, and there is not enough time to watch the children do their homework and do housework. So far 114, small target 100 is right. So sometimes when you talk about it on a high, you meet people who are peaceful. What really makes you miserable is that the work is too heavy and the heart is not enough! No, it probably didn't get to me. It's exhausting to be constantly criticized for a child's poor academic performance. This is a public problem of a certain age, and it's over. I am also like this recently, a few years ago was quite positive, exercise fitness, baking, arranging flowers, taking the children every day is quite happy, this year I feel that there is no meaning to live, do nothing interesting, the new coronavirus sequela? I just can't find anything to live for. There must be some deep reason, just here, just can say the export of complaints. The deeper reason lies in the deeper heart. At least live to take a breath, it is impossible to die the same same, want to go out to travel, can not find friends right, can only live alone, but I also have no time to do some public welfare, but I feel that you wrote in my heart, a few days ago feel unbearable, has been thinking about whether to find a psychiatrist. The last few days have been really hard for me, too. I found a couple of people yesterday, and they talked a lot, and I feel a little better today. We are middle-aged people, housework, children need tutoring, work pressure and really feel that there is no emotional outlet, it is easy to anxiety, depression. That serious? Hug, I think is really strong is not to forget, but to accept accept the separation, accept the impermanence of the world accept loneliness and frustration, accept the sudden feeling of powerlessness accept their own imperfection, Accept confusion, insecurity, anxiety and regret Adjust your state to find the strength to move on and become a better self "Late Maturing Person" - Mo Yanjuan is not moving Old age is almost the same for everyone, but I think in most families, the mother has to work at the same time, but also to help the children study. Housework, too, so it's easy to get anxious. Really good or feel that life has no hope, no power, I can do a lot of things, in addition to the daily routine of work, other time what do not want to do, there is a junior high school children, sleep with 11 o 'clock every day, 6 o 'clock up, the heart is a little depressed, for a long time not very happy smile after reading junior high school more tired, if parents want to study and you are almost. There is a child reading the third grade, a lot of homework every day, with 1-2 o 'clock sleep, 6 o 'clock up, very tired every day. As a result, the child is still very rebellious, and it is painful to call him to learn every day, and say a few words. Yesterday he got annoyed, go to school in the morning, yesterday or 8 school joint exam last, the teacher said that all the results before the lack of test invalidated, and later came to school late for an hour, after going home last night still angry, homework a word not to write. I was depressed. I looked angry and anxious. Even if signed a good school, but also happy for a while, every day is very difficult. You are a little better than me, at least signed a good school, our family second day, the grades slide badly, I do not know what kind of high school can be tested. I also, the car loan is finished, the house loan is finished, the current salary of 5000 yuan a month, there is medical insurance social security, provident fund, life is dull, 40 years old, have children, house, car, but feel nothing. No fun, want to retire, 15 years social security also paid 14.75 years. I think this income is a little small, may not be able to guarantee you a good life after retirement. Find their interests and I am exactly the same, hahahaha on the end of the world is also you sent? You need passion in life, you can't live in a puddle of stagnant water or a land of chicken feathers! Know a lot of truth, still do not live a good life it, the end of this month to go to Qingdao travel can not think too much to see light people alive, there is no need to fight for everything to understand. When the water is clear, there are no fish, and when the man is clear, there are no friends. Fight with the family, fight to win, the family is gone, fight with the lover, fight to win, the feelings are weak, fight with friends, fight to win, the friendship is gone. Contention is reason, lose is love, hurt is their own. Black is black, white is white, let time prove. Put down your own stubbornness, be relaxed, be willing to do things, win the whole life, more peace, more warmth, life has sunshine, diligence, the achievement of the beauty of life. Only by learning constantly, improving themselves, not forgetting the original heart, carrying gratitude, grateful encounter, struggle forward, things into mind, in order to forever on the road. Go out for a walk more, you see in many places in the northwest two husband and wife work hard a year only tens of thousands of dollars, but live very happy, rural grandpa chat that life is good now, every meal has meat to eat, want to live a hundred years. More than 80 years old rural uncle children have gone out alone, every day sold out, buy two fat meat back to eat fried is very happy, the fun of life to find their own feelings, promotion and wealth are just fate, a few years ago I also thought the end, the result of a meal adjustment I came up. In fact, I also miss the original pure days, now every day is a bunch of bullshit. Get a kitten! Adjust your mindset! My grades are also not good! Take it easy! Whatever the parent did, I did! If he doesn't study hard, there's nothing I can do about it! I went to masturbate my cat, he purred in my arms, very healing hope I can adjust to it in a meal… Well, when I bought a big house, I will raise a good performance is only a few of the first class on the same feeling, 37 years old, the work is OK, give themselves little pressure, the baby is very good, the father is in charge of learning, but the management is too strict, basically no weekends, because the education concept is also quarreling. The main couple feelings in general, often quarrel cold War, in fact, our economic situation is OK, but the husband in the last two years lost money in the stock market, coupled with their own work did not do up, grumpy. He is not willing to communicate, I also advised him at the beginning, very stubborn, do not go to work, character more and more withdrawn. So tired. Then you are not a sad baby, is a sad baby's father. Once home, looking at her husband holding a mobile phone to play games, the child is still watching TV, as soon as the door began to cook, urge the child's homework, clean up the kitchen, tutoring homework, get the child to sleep, a depression, feel that life is no fun the same world, the same husband, drill into the phone can not come out I also think that middle-aged treasure mother common disease. A troubled child and a miserable job. Every day is tired, life is far from fun, always stay in the "boil" state. The pressure is too much, always advise yourself to look away, don't care too much about the children's results, don't care too much about the promotion. But not willing ah, do not work hard to fight for it, afraid of regret. If you do not suffer from present anxiety, you will suffer from regret, and there is no satisfactory way to live. A day without light, without hope, is a day of death