[City News] Wow! Lingshan this village of winter melon harvest!!

In the autumn harvest season, the winter melon planting base in Pingtang Village, Xinwei Town, Lingshan County, is a great joy. Melon farmers shuttle in the melon field, busy harvesting, handling, storage… It presented a happy harvest. Busy with the work in the field, the melon farmers will just pick back into a variety of dishes, color, aroma, taste, make people mouth-watering. The harvest of winter melon not only drums the villagers' money bags, but also integrates the taste of happiness into the lives of the people. Source: Lingshan RongMedia Center ┎○ Large winter melon ah. ┎ 〇 There is no doubt that ┎ 〇 there is no no oilgreen glowing, huge full of winter melon ┎ 〇 GP I don't know how much a catjin ┎ 〇 〇 reply is a kind of merit ┎ 〇 GP
On September 24, the 2023 Qinzhou primary and secondary School Computer Robot Competition, sponsored by Qinzhou Education Bureau and undertaken by the Municipal Education Development Research Center and the Municipal Youth Student Off-campus Activities Center, was successfully held in Beibu Gulf Vocational and Technical School. Su Jian, deputy director of the Municipal Education Development Research Center, attended the opening ceremony and announced the opening of the competition, and Luo Ling, head of the modern education technology and equipment management section of the Municipal Education Development Research Center, delivered the opening speech. Su Jian announced the opening of the competition, the competition set a total of 13 projects such as creative intelligence, ENJOY AI, Super track, WER popularity, programming drone, FLL Youth robot Challenge, MakeX Robot Challenge, Palaka 3D animation programming competition, 310 teams from the city, a total of 568 students competed on the same stage. In recent years, our city attaches great importance to the cultivation of teachers and students' information literacy and scientific and technological innovation ability, through the holding of training, competitions, activities and other ways to promote the city's teachers and students' information literacy, to promote the development of science and technology education. In 2023, the participating teams in our city achieved excellent results in various competitions in the region. From April 1 to 2, it participated in the 2022 Guangxi Primary and Secondary School Computer Robot Competition held in Wuzhou Senior High School, and our city won 11 first prizes, 14 second prizes and 16 third prizes, ranking fourth in the region. From July 14 to 16, our city won 35 first prizes, 55 second prizes and 69 third prizes in the 2023 Guangxi Beibu Gulf Artificial Intelligence Education Competition, and Qinzhou Education Development Research Center won the Excellent Organization Award. The robot competition provides a rare opportunity to improve students' practical ability, cultivate creative thinking and problem-solving ability, guide primary and secondary school students in our city to further pay attention to science and technology, enter science and technology, love science and technology, promote the majority of teachers to stimulate students' innovative spirit, and strive to create a new generation of talents to meet the needs of science and technology development. ┎ 〇 GP is a virtue. ┎ 〇 there are lots of patterns ┎ 〇 GP. I don't know how many times a year ┎ 〇 GP