[Star Brother talk about marriage · The 18th issue] How much do women fear the 7-year itch in marriage? Contains exclusive emotional secrets!

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Welcome to leave us a message in the comment section at the end of the article there are super benefits, you can join the "happy emotion class" community, I will regularly send free voice emotion lessons in the group Oh ~【 18th 】 Spaghetti Voluntary open: Ms. C. I have been married to him for 7 years, which is now known as the seven-year itch, I feel that he is less and less concerned about me, the sweet words he used to say are gone, the communication is less and less, it seems that there is nothing to say, and the number of our arguments is becoming more and more frequent. I'm disappointed in my marriage, and I don't know what I'm going to do anymore. ~ Star brother analysis: Many women tend to pay more and more attention to men after marriage, and become more and more invested in their feelings. And men tend to be enthusiastic at the beginning, after getting slowly cold. You become more and more dependent, he becomes more and more indifferent, so you have a poor psychological status. A man will think he's already got you. How do you turn this around? The core is having ircontrol. People tend to be in control of events, and when something doesn't turn out the way you expected it to, you tend to pay more attention to it. It's like why cats like to play with balls of yarn, because these things move. Even though the cat tried to stop the ball of wool, it still ran. And many women after marriage, completely without their own life goals and dreams, feel that married is settled down, you do not need to think about changing their life. Not to mention how it relates to a man's career, how it helps. But men are not like this, after marriage, men will still see the career is very important, will still go to achieve their life goals. Many women often ask a question: "Teacher, what do you think he is doing?" Why didn't you just send me a wechat message? Can I call him? May I ask where he is?" All they can think about is this man, trying to control him. One client in particular shows this way. She studied her man all day, how he walked in the wechat campaign, indicating what he might be doing, like Sherlock Holmes. Her man does not appreciate it, often berating her for being too broad and feeling that she does not trust him. Star brother online teaching: tourists, if you want to view the hidden content of this post please reply ~MS.L has always had a question in my heart, that is, many female friends around me have made it clear that I can not cook, never cooked before marriage, and even less want to cook after marriage, so that men will be babysitters. I think I can be independent, will make money, why do this so-called "good wife and good mother" ah! I don't know if this is good or bad for the love life after marriage. Want to ask the teacher, how to look at the problem of who cooks after marriage? ~ Star brother analysis: When you talk about cooking, it is necessary to mention the role rights and obligations of intimate relationships between men and women: 1. Put aside the role that you are a wife. First of all, I want to correct one point: your ability to cook is your skill, it is your own skill, and it is precisely this skill that allows you to grasp the stomach of a man, the stomach of a child, the stomach of an old man in the family. It is a kind of pleasing thing. 2, we often say that "eating men and women", eating and sex are two big things between men and women. Whether your husband is there or not, you can take care of your own viscera, which is your original intention. But at the same time, a man, pulling your coat corner said: "Wife, for a long time have not eaten your braised meat, garlic ribs, chopped pepper fish head… I want to eat and eat." Then the home is full of fireworks, and you also have the irreplaceability in his heart, because of this element, your feelings become more unbreakable, which will only add points. Loving a person only gives you the right to want to be good to him, and does not give you the right to ask him to be good to you. Should not hold to pay, contribute, sacrifice mentality to give. It's something to enjoy. 4, of course, is an individual will be tired, has been you do, there will be a kind of inertia should have been the situation. Then you can be a little more careful with your cooking. Star brother online teaching: tourists, if you want to view the hidden content of this post please reply spaghetti welfare is coming! 【 Proud emotion small class 】 Class opened ~ As a fan benefit, I will be in the group free voice teaching to identify cheating men playing with women's feelings Green tea? How to get out of a single dog? Husband cheating? A dispute between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law? 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[Star brother talk marriage · 17th] In the face of the husband who returns to the family after derailing, Z taboo you treat him like this! Thank you teacher Chen ~ polite what, serve the people! Ha ha ha! Come to study study study ~ See see the answer I can't cook study see I want to delete this proud number, can you delete? How to contact the moderator ah thank Chen teacher ~111 see reply to learn fireworks is very important to learn to learn want to see see see reply Kangkang ~ see the answer to see the fourth type of boring see I have a friend even the bowl will not wash, the result of talking about a girlfriend now become a "kitchen god". Sure enough, men need a good guide to view this post hidden content please reply to look at learning 11 look at the answer to learn to learn to look at the answer to a good post. If you are very busy every day, your husband does not do anything, say or do not do things, how to do? 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