I have a lot of fear in my heart

Dare not fall, because there are dreams, dare not escape, because there are favorite relatives, dare not get sick, because no one takes care of, dare not say tired, because no one is used to, dare not be lazy, because no one gives you money, strong, independent, is my only choice

When people are tired, they will rest, and when the heart is tired, they will be silent.
Do your best within your means.
Do what God wants!
It's so sad…
Heaven and earth have not stopped, the sun and the moon and there are profits and losses, the situation of the world can everything garden full and always leisure?
I'm kind of like you. But I'm more optimistic. ^ ^ omega
I don't believe in life
It's better to have no lungs than to look pathetic
Strong, independent, is my only choice
Keep it up. I'm used to silence
This is not an appointment! It means that as long as you work hard, no matter what the result, but for the end without regret!
Even more pathetic… Ha-ha. It's true to find a good wife.
Well, someone has to see it
All right
I dare not die, because I have not lived enough.
However, death is a matter of time, whether you dare or not, you will not escape.

Life will encounter something, the question is not what you dare to do, but whether you can face it bravely and correctly.
When everything is open, do your part, and the result is guided by the potential (your own ability and the right time and place).