The Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development carried out a comprehensive inspection of the resumption of work and production after the holiday

In order to implement the relevant requirements of the provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development on strengthening the safety production of construction after the Spring Festival, and effectively strengthen the safety production of construction after the festival in our city. On February 8, Hong Lei, deputy director of the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, led a team to the construction site of the second phase of the Shenzhen Municipal solid waste incineration power generation project to carry out a comprehensive unannounced inspection. By visiting the site and communicating face to face with the responsible subjects of the project construction parties, the unannounced inspection team has a detailed understanding of the post-holiday resumption of work and production of the project, the project progress and difficulties in the process of project promotion, and has inspected the safety management, hidden danger investigation and treatment, and the implementation of safety measures at the construction site. In the first time, I gave feedback to the project leader about the inspection situation, and put forward specific rectification suggestions on the existing problems. Deputy Director Hong Lei requested that, first, we should attach great importance to and actively implement the main responsibility. All participating units must attach great importance to overcome the paralysis of lax thinking, get rid of the "post-holiday syndrome", the main person in charge of the enterprise and the project leader should be personally deployed, personally inspected and personally urged. The second is to strictly comply with the requirements of our Bureau's "Notice on Further doing a good job of safe production work after the construction project Festival in our city", to carry out a comprehensive safety hazard, focusing on strengthening the safety inspection of lifting equipment, external scaffolding, deep foundation pit, high support mold and other dangerous sub-projects. Implement all measures to prevent and control dust pollution, in accordance with the principle of "who checks, who signs, who accepts, who is responsible", comprehensively eliminate safety hazards, and promptly rectify the problems found. The third is to do a solid job after the holiday training and education of all staff, the new entry and post adjustment staff, strictly carry out three-level training and education, the assessment can be qualified to the post, the other personnel to review the safety production responsibilities of each post, labor discipline and post operation procedures, to ensure that people in place, the heart to the post, quickly enter the work state. Deputy Director Hong Lei stressed that the second phase of Shenzhen Municipal solid waste incineration power generation project is a key construction project in our city, and the responsible parties should increase human, financial and physical investment, scientific scheduling, reasonable arrangement, and fully promote the construction of the project to ensure that the project is delivered on schedule. Source: Shenzhen Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau -- ☆ -- Implementing the main responsibility -- ☆ -- One year before and one year after
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