How is it that I didn't buy it, but it was delivered on delivery?

Yes, be vigilant - ☆ - all refuse to receive payment - ☆ - not their own can not want - ☆ - a few - ☆ - refuse - ☆ - sure not their own things do not sign. - ☆ - To pay is a liar - ☆ - is a liar oh - ☆ refused to accept - ☆ - liar, and then crazy to call you - ☆ - not to buy themselves do not accept nor pay - ☆ - certainly can not want - ☆ - In fact, I sent you, I want you to be my daughter-in-law - ☆ - refuse it - ☆ - Chinese people really warm, like persuade wine - ☆ - I received, a watch, Then the liar called me, said I must give money in my hand, do not give money is against the law, keep playing, ha ha, white whoring a table - ☆ - did not buy can not if it is not bought by yourself don't - ☆ - is a liar - ☆ - then don't
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