[Qinzhou culture] Every festival times miss relatives

About to celebrate, many people from afar began to buy tickets, drive, travel thousands of miles ready to go home, this part of the people are full of family plots, the holiday home to see their hometown, see their families, eat together, chat. A large part of the feelings of the Chinese people still rely on the festival to maintain, now many people feel that it does not matter whether you can't go back, where is the past, but for the family, wait for another year, the parents are old for another year, before brushing to Tiktok said: Guangxi Wolf soldiers are male in the world, relying on unity and external, never fight to the death, never backward. Unity of the village, everyone is afraid, no one dares to bully, brothers do not unite the village, clearly see their brothers are bullied by others, will not help, or pretend, rather than like before: dare to move my blood brothers immediately rushed up regardless of the consequences, and shout a few times, the whole village can come to. Disunity is not formed in a day, many people feel that they can't go back to the holidays, it doesn't matter, live on my own, you feel so that he feels so, for a long time, everyone is like this, to someone bullied, everyone slowly feels that it is not bullying me, live well I am good. On the other hand, if you go home for the holidays, drink and chat with the blood brothers in the village, and someone bullies you, can the blood brothers in the village? Is a real brother, do the big brother to protect the younger brother, do the younger brother will also go to help the big brother. Who is strong enough to bully a village like this? Every festival times miss relatives, go home to eat with your parents during the holiday, drink wine with your brothers, your own people do not return, all day long said that the family is not united, you are not drinking with the same village brothers to contact each other, something only said that the brothers do not help you. Wealth do not forget, regardless of poverty or wealth, sickness and death, you are willing to marry her as a wife, yes, I know you are sure to answer you are willing to, that the holiday, you are willing to go home, put down face and family brothers to drink alcohol, this may you hesitate. ┎ 〇 The fight dad and fight baby society, dad and baby have to work hard ah, dad can't get bullied, son can't get the eyes, dad can't, the family is bullied, not the Wolf spirit, come on. ┎ 〇 There seems to be no small ┎ 〇 there are ┎ people complex, times have changed ┎ seems to be nothing special, now convenient transportation ┎ 〇 no unity may be hit, unity can solve a lot of problems, look at the recent uproar in Zhejiang Huang family ancestral temple was almost demolished, just because of the Zhejiang Huang family unity was not demolished ┎○ mm, Feelings need to exchange, usually you ignore me I ignore you, it is difficult to talk about unity, holidays, go back to family, brother drink two cups, guess two yards on ┎○ I am also surnamed Huang, Qinzhou Huang also united, worship the Li ancestral hall every year
Recently, a sudden rainstorm in Qinzhou City caused a large area of water on some roads in the city. In order to minimize the loss or harm, the law enforcement personnel of the urban management law enforcement detachment immediately carried out rescue and drainage work. Law enforcement personnel quickly set warning belts, road cones and other warning signs to each water point, open the drainage well cover and clean the drainage outlet to ensure that the drainage outlet is smooth. Due to the deep water at the interchange of Min 'an Street and Xanguang Road, a pickup truck stalled due to wading, stopped on the road and could not move forward, law enforcement officers found that emergency rescue was immediately carried out to help the owner to move the wading vehicle to a safe area. Subsequently, the owner of the car expressed sincere gratitude for the warm behavior of the urban management law enforcement officers, and the surrounding masses also praised the law enforcement officers. Where there is a need, there is the figure of the Chengguan members, whether it is a rainstorm or a scorching sun, you can see that touch of "Chengguan blue" running in the street. They are not only the managers of the city, but also the guardians of the people. In the future work, urban management law enforcement personnel will continue to use practical actions to convey positive energy for the public and interpret the spirit of urban management. The photo shows law enforcement officers to help owners to promote the transfer of wadding vehicles to safety area Source: Qinzhou Chengguan law enforcement ┎ 〇 Qinzhou sudden rainstorm ┎ 〇 Moi is a kind of goodness ┎ 〇 〇 water depth of ┎ 〇 laborious chengguan ┎ 〇 Qinzhou positive energy oh ┎ 〇 calling beginning according to the standard of a hundred years of heavy rain to transform the water discharge