[Metro News] The world's largest overall lifting span and tonnage of reinforced concrete arch bridge

On September 20, after more than 30 hours of day and night fighting by the builders, the arch section weighing 1,800 tons was lifted 63 meters at one time, and the overall lifting of the reinforced concrete arch bridge with the world's largest overall lifting span and tonnage - Pinglu Canal Jiuzhou Large Bridge was successfully completed. It is a key control project from Nanning to Bobainabu section of Nanning-Zhanjiang Expressway. The main bridge spans the flat land canal and the approach bridge crosses the Liqin Railway, with a total length of about 525 meters. The main bridge is a 260-meter-span concrete-filled steel tube tied arch bridge. Invested by Guangxi New Development Transportation Group Co., LTD., an enterprise directly under Guangxi Beibu Gulf Investment Group Co., LTD., and contracted by Guangxi Road Construction Engineering Group Co., LTD. The bridge adopts the overall lifting construction technology of "low assembly + middle arch rib gantry method", the overall lifting section is 202 meters long, the lifting weight is about 1,800 tons, and the lifting height is 63 meters. The construction team developed and established the "Pinglu Canal Jiuzhou Bridge digital Twin Intelligent display and control System" by integrating multi-source sensing big data such as measuring robots, deformation radar, high-speed high-definition camera measurement system and vibrating string excitation module. The realization of "state perception, data fusion, algorithm analysis, feedback output, equipment response, precision regulation" of large section arch rib overall improvement of high precision, high efficiency, high intelligent visual construction, to provide guarantee for the construction quality and safety of the bridge. After the completion and opening to traffic, the Pinglu Canal Jiuzhou Super Bridge will help the Nan-Zhanjiang Expressway become the most convenient cross-province new highway channel from Nanning to Zhanjiang, Guangdong, and provide basic guarantee for strengthening the cooperation between the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone and the Zhujiang Xijiang Economic Belt, fully developing the maritime economy, and playing the role of Guangxi as a major channel to the sea in the southwest. Source: Lingshan Financial Media Center Guangxi Road Construction Engineering Group Co., LTD ┎ 〇 It is convenient: ┎ 〇 GP This bridge looks very grand ┎ 〇 GP looks really ┎ 〇 GP Old Zhou Grand Bridge of Pinglu Canal completed ┎ 〇 high precision, high efficiency and high intelligence
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