The breakup part is numb

The breakup part is numb.
I'm not important to you at all, in fact, I already feel, then…
Before breaking up will be very painful, now break up, sad less than a day, because, break up to numb.
Are you conscious? haha
I only allow myself to be sad for one day.
Why is this so?! Can't you just be kind to yourself?
Should be the heart tired!
So interesting
A shout to the sky, yay, yay, yay, yay, yay, yay
Fate will come eventually
I am very good to myself, thank you!
To be human is to get tired.
No fun. Nothing interesting.
I don't yell ,,,,,,,,
I will only smile to myself ,,,,,,,
Because what could be worse
Thank you!
What I need to know is that this is my true destiny.
Numb because still waiting for compound? ~ not the principle of the problem let it go, feelings are noisy hurt.
This is not numbness, is a kind of helplessness. At the beginning of the time will be very painful, experienced more, it does not matter, only later this pain gradually become chronic.
I feel like I'm a terminator, and nothing grows where I walk. Oh, it's a little serious.
Not too little happiness, we are too demanding!
Life is plain, want to give yourself trouble on the bye!