Want to become a monk

I really want home… A good wife is hard to find…
Applause! One more monk, there will be less resentment in the world ~ ha ha ~
Pretty devastated and depressed
Shave your head and spend some time in the mountains
See if your mind is still
A layman can find a wife without shaving
Dude! … Now a monk is not something you can do if you want to! The treatment is good and the salary is high, if it is so easy to do monk I go to do it early!
You lag behind, or break off this idea, I have been a monk for 4 years, 4 years not close to women, and now want to return to the common, cabbage eat too much stomachache, or meat is nutritious! Chicken, duck, fish, cattle, horses, sheep, nothing, just meat…
Dude, you're really not that cool, are you? Is it meat? Chicken butt, cow watergate, you want? That's meat too! Haha…
Buddha's heart sat wine meat through the intestine Amitabha Buddha
Yeah, well, being a monk these days is a backdoor way to be Amitabha
I also want to think, we go to Mount Emei together as a monk, I heard that there are many Taoist temples, there are many nunneries, Mount Wutai and Shaolin Temple do not go, say it, Mount Emei that female Taoist and nuns a lot
But time urges people to get old, only to be alone alone!
Asking the sky alone, drunk,
When can we be together?!
Bee contention powder core butterfly points fragrance, flowers wanton own bee butterfly to come!