Where is the home?

Like every woman, I also have the dream of finding a good home. I wanted to get married when I was 18, and at 23 I had my first love and thought it was the love I wanted because his family was against him and he married someone else. People are difficult to live, once again meet a man from the acquaintance to break up only 20 days, began to chase me like I can not live, because he just want to get sex a few days impatient face to face said to break up for I do not have money. I've been introduced to one another for sex or money. Where's the integrity?
From the first time can not come out, if you think that a man for sex with a woman is intolerable, then you want to find a husband, because most men find a woman for sex. A man who wants to pursue you because he loves you and not because he wants to have sex with you because of your beauty.
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Little man for sex, big man for common life pursuit. For reference only
Pitiful woman!
Is Chongqing in your consideration?
How do you feel as long as you are not too picky fat check thin should still be easier to find? After all, there are more wolves than meat in this society ~
She's a good girl. Take it easy. Be patient! Still young!
It's premature to be married at 18. I didn't know what men and women were about until I was 26,
No one is perfect, can suit yourself is the most important, you love the person and the person who loves you are not the object of marriage with you, there is a common pursuit of common life goals to go further with you!
Live for yourself and no one else. Men and women married first is for sex, the second is life, you should get out of the wrong area.
Whooping whooping, passing by, feeling cold, such a pretty girl saying such cold words? You've got yourself confused, money and sex all alone in your posts, so extreme at your age? Only when there is matter can there be soul, only when there is soul can there be emotion, and matter serves the senses, which can there be a single existence? So young to think of marriage, it shows that you have been lacking a sense of security, if the person you meet is really in addition to money is sex, it shows that your choice is problematic, you give their positioning is also problematic. If a man you feel okay with asks for sex within a short time of knowing him, and your response is not to refuse, but to pander, then no one else is to blame. What a person thinks, says, and does is determined by the attitude of the other person,
You start by looking at yourself. It's your fault. Feelings first of all in respect, the other side of you have a variety of words and opinions based on your identity, you do not accept or disagree with the other side is how awkward and boring!
Where is the destination? Ask yourself, what kind of life are you choosing? You are doomed to get hurt when you put your hopes on others! Look down on yourself, others can not value you!
So young, so beautiful, you have so many others envy of the capital, do not be a vase! Increase your content and your beauty will last!
Thank you for your reply
Such a beautiful sister don't be too negative, just because you didn't meet the right one, you have to believe that a good woman will have a good man waiting for you, I wish you happiness!
The destination lies in your own ideas, and the sincere treatment will have a good return.
Sex is one aspect of the relationship, not the whole… You're still a virgin? Sex is the spice of feelings (the book says)… It is estimated that spiritual love beyond sex can only be fully achieved through special circumstances
Are you a virgin? Sex is important, but sex without love and those cats and dogs… If it's about sex, isn't it better to go whoring? The title of sex is the responsibility of love
The first topic of sex is love and then responsibility.
Sex without love is boring, sex without passion is painful, and sex without responsibility is casual.
Learn to protect yourself, don't let a man without a sense of responsibility violate your forbidden area, learn to live a happy and independent life, don't let a man without a conscience hurt your pure heart.
Falling in love makes you grow up, just like a man grows up when he becomes his own father.
Love comes first, having a child is an obligation, and doing that is a bond. Husband and wife? Husband and wife when the door is closed, friends when the door is open. I hate to talk about it, but it's not a big deal, and there's no shame in it.
Humans are no different from animals… In some cases human beings are worse than animals… Sex is a normal physiological phenomenon, the object of sex is optional… And love based on sex is inevitable, with love in the heart will inevitably have sexual desire (except for old friends, old friends love is beyond the physiological), young people without sex love is not complete.