The full throat-beating is finally a thing of the past

Residents: On December 6 (tomorrow and Tuesday), nucleic acid testing will be conducted for government, school and enterprise personnel. Please go to the nearest sampling point between 6:00 and 11:00 for sampling. (Teachers, students and staff are requested to go to their schools and kindergartens for testing.) Other residents can go to nearby sampling sites for testing according to their personal wishes. Tianma Community Neighborhood Committee on December 5, 2022 Fukuyama request 1246 who told you, as long as you go to a public place, you have to test, otherwise do not let you enter the door do not know, anyway, the development zone is full to voluntary Tuesday, Saturday is the whole people, the village sent a notice at night, The level of your community that has encountered nucleic acid testing in public places in the past three years is not good, and the level of this community is very good. According to the unified deployment arrangement, nucleic acid testing of key and non-key populations will be conducted tomorrow, December 6, please go to the nearest sampling point to participate in the test from 6:00 to 11:30. In addition to the focus and non-focus, there are what crowd eyes ah, this is wisdom, can also be said to be shameless, no wonder people can be an official. Do not object to accounting, but do not eat too ugly light said not check, did not say do not have to do ah Monday I do not know if the nucleic acid is all, point to open the door to do today, the point opened the door again, I went to do not ah? It is because you work in the development zone, so you have to do 1246 ah, Fukuyama when you require 1246 the railway station is also voluntary, not voluntary in the cold until you are willing, not all the staff is better than all the government schools and enterprises suddenly cover most of the personnel, with all the difference, there are retired old women and babies at home on Sunday notice, 1246 Key industries 1246 think more, continue to make.
Enjoy the winter party life in advance. Comfortable village life, village bean cake
Catch up, stay down ~ the life of the host home is sauce purple This is a holiday before the bean bag also want to be so beautiful, with the cake like the year? Bean and steamed bread are playing? Roll into this now, tomorrow next dumplings, the day after tomorrow to eat a brown son, the day after tomorrow to eat moon cake bar food is good, white fungus chicken cake, bean bag, is really going to the New Year. Life in the village is pure