[People's voice] It's late at night, and the property security guard wants to ask you, have you not had a fever for decades?

This evening I went to the supermarket after work to buy a bottle of brandy, drink three or two later I thought about it, in the last ten or twenty years, although I have had a cold and sometimes eat anti-inflamatory cold medicine to treat cough medicine, but I seem to have no fever for decades, I really do not know if I have a fever to eat what medicine can reduce the fever? Kids, kids, kids, have you had a fever in the last 20 years? What medicine do you take to reduce fever? I have no bottom in my heart ah look at the property this word is angry! Still small security guard, who is safe. Protect the owner paracetamol ah, old iron, also called acetaminophen I had a fever at the age of five and I have been sick to a few hands to buy so I don't know what medicine to eat little security, see beautiful sister you go through the door to check nucleic acid? Would you call for a reason? Harassing her at night? Maybe I will meet a child, I also did not have a fever for more than ten years, it is not a good thing to frighten you, this physical quality is very good, I still have a cold and fever during the eleventh holiday, that few days are confused, is not afraid, afraid to let go, how can this acetaminophen, ibuprofen, has been a fever does not return, Two alternately eat Beijing lying flat for decades do not eat do not drink do not have a fever 1 never have a fever unless your body is particularly good, do not go to do a cancer check it is not to scare people presumptuous you know all day scare me is true, a doctor said, fever is a person's self-protection function you go to search, But maybe your health is particularly good in recent years, I also have a cold and cough is no fever, it is estimated that 20 or 30 years you unless the body is usually very good, or go to check, but life is impermanent, think too much care too much is useless