It can be released appropriately, but the nucleic acid still needs to be done

Can be appropriately released, but nucleic acid still have to do, go to public places to sweep the code does not take much, you are kneeling for a long time? Or was it a slave habit? On the morning of December 6, Beijing will release important epidemic prevention and control policies. Stay tuned. I haven't made nucleic acid in ten days and I'm shaking. I don't know how to do it today. I am not ** I suddenly think that these three years after all is a vain toss with Europe and the United States can be said that we are three years of practice, to protect people's lives and health. It can also be said that through three years of experiments, we found that people were right to deny the efforts of the whole people. Did you feel afraid when the virus was strong in 2020? Now the virus is weak, responding to the voice of the people, and opening up is also ridiculed. What others do is not right, can only say that the resentment is too heavy foreigners have done the experiment for us, let go, don't hide. In addition to the convenience of taking the bus did not feel what the difference is 1246 nucleic acid into the supermarket mall to see the code to go to a gym are 3 days nucleic acid slowly will be normal to seek truth from facts. Don't give Lanling shame who do not seek truth from facts, ignore the weakening of the virus, is you. The country has protected how many people's lives in the past three years, although it affects everyone's lives, to be grateful. You are a disgrace to the people of Shenzhen. I think the quality of Shenzhen people is generally high, you are a special case No matter what you call it, static or dynamic, as long as the clearance continues, as long as the frequency is reasonable, as the necessary basis for the clearance, nucleic acid testing can really continue for a long time, but because the relevant interest groups are messed up, because all kinds of control measures seriously affect production and life, The nucleic acid test this beneficial thing also brought to the whole yellow. Simple nucleic acid testing would not have any problems, nor would it have a big impact on everyone, but the various corruption, various inspections, various constraints, and various strict management that come with it are the fundamental reasons that lead to a beneficial thing, a normal thing, and become the target of public criticism. Brain disease can not see the essence of the problem, shame to think that what you see and hear is the fact, naive now domestic protection is actually very fragile just started Wuhan died so many people how you ignore it nucleic acid corruption is not the fault of nucleic acid testing itself will be normal