[Shenzhen Miscellaneous talk] A man in Shenzhen believed folk remedies and wiped his body with "Diphlorvos" and died

Recently, Xinping County People's Court heard a negligent death case. Defendant Gan XX used trichlorfon, liquor, vinegar mixed to make the so-called "folk prescription", for a man suffering from skin disease wipe the body, causing the man to die of poisoning, the court sentenced the defendant Gan XX to three years in prison, suspended for three years. At the end of September 2022, the defendant Gan saw a man suffering from skin disease in the market, and claimed that he could make a potion to treat skin diseases to wipe it, and then Gan bought a bag of pesticide trichlorfon, and made a mixed solution of trichlorfon, white wine and vinegar to wipe the man's back and other body parts. In early October of the same year, Gan used the remaining mixture of the last preparation to wipe the man's upper body and legs again, and left the remaining mixture for the man. The next day, the man suddenly felt unwell and was taken to hospital for treatment. He died at 23:00 that night. The cause of death was poisoning by dichlorvos. The People's Court of Xinping County held that the defendant Gan's use of trichlorfon to wipe the body for others to treat skin diseases and cause one death has constituted a crime of negligent death, and the court based on the facts, nature, circumstances and social harm of the defendant Gan's crime, combined with Gan's compensation for all economic losses of the victim and the victim's understanding, etc. The above judgment was made in accordance with the law. Organophosphorus pesticides are widely used in our country with the largest dosage of pesticides, mainly including dichlorvos, trichlorfon, dimethoate, parathion and so on, for crop insecticides, if accidentally into the digestive tract or skin contact, it is easy to cause poisoning, must not be used as drugs to treat human diseases. However, it is worth noting that in daily life, there are still people who are easy to believe the so-called "folk remedies", because of the "folk remedies" delayed illness or even tragic events occur, if there is a disease, should be timely to the regular hospital for medical treatment, follow the doctor's advice for symptomatic treatment. Source: Xinping Court, Pingan Xinping ↓ ↓ ↓ A folk recipe that exposes the economic conditions of local people is not the same as people's physique. The census can look it up. ↓¤What, really ignorant ↓¤Regular hospital is incompetent to see a doctor? To the people to listen to the folk prescription? The doctors? ↓¤Illegal medicine crime will not pay? ↓¤No money is really difficult ↓¤ignorance to kill people ↓¤Passing ↓¤¤↓ ↓¤¤↓¤¤Ignorance to kill people, learn more knowledge
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