Seek science popularization! What is this thing that looks like a tree root? What does it do?

Do you know anyone who knows what this is? What does it do? I don't know the breathing roots of the fir tree maybe there's an answer down there that you want to know about alien species? Expert answers must be known to someone. Should there be an address, the time of the photo? Didn't know there were truffles down there. Dig. Go and ask infinitesimal bright where this is! It's not that I don't know!
The old man had a hard time climbing high pressure tower can not come down, Anqing fire emergency rescue
On the afternoon of December 14, Jiumiao Village, Qianling Township, Susong County, Anqing City, an old man climbed up the high pressure tower and tried to commit suicide, the police successfully persuaded, the old man found himself trapped in the ground nearly 20 meters high dare not to come down, firefighters carrying protective equipment climbed the high pressure tower, for the old man to do personal protection measures, and then escorted the old man gradually climbed down the tower. Get back to the ground safely. Pay attention to safety. Pay attention to safety and praise danger. Old and strong… So high how to climb up the hard why to climb the pole, evolution is not successful? The mountain is easy to go down the mountain is not afraid of death, but also afraid of other old people and not dead is for the thief this old man is strong enough this old man's body can also ah, or do not want to die the body is so good to want to die not afraid, do not want to die is afraid, can not come down! The cold in winter is terrible! Waste of manpower
Pickled "winter pickles"! The countryside of Qingyang has begun to feel the flavor of the New Year
Can we go to school this sauerkraut a Wednesday bottle to accompany us through, very memorable Zhu Bei New Year's Festival prelude? I express my cautious, somewhat skeptical trust in my previous purchases.