Icbc Chizhou Branch shows that the state-owned bank has successfully opened a guarantee letter of 850 million yuan for a key manufacturing enterprise

Recently, with the high concern and strong support of the provincial Party Committee, ICBC Shenzhen Branch successfully opened a guarantee letter of 850 million yuan for a key manufacturing enterprise to help the enterprise implement a magnesian-smelting white marble mine mining rights bidding. The company's annual output of 300,000 tons of high-performance magnesia-based light alloy and deep processing project, is included in Anhui Province "Yangtze River Delta integrated development planning" 14th Five-Year Plan implementation plan "key construction projects, the project is completed and put into operation, is expected to achieve annual sales revenue of more than 10 billion yuan, will effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of the local real economy. At the end of November, after receiving the application for the 850 million yuan bid guarantee business of the enterprise, the bank's President Xu Min, Vice President Chen Cheng, and senior manager Sun Ding coordinated and commanded, and charged in front of the first time to set up a special class, stationed in the relevant departments of the provincial bank to coordinate and promote the business process. The provincial Party committee led a special trip to the head office to report and coordinate to solve problems such as authorization and credit. Under the linkage of the headquarters, provincial, municipal and sub-branch levels, the relevant personnel of the credit management, certification and company lines worked overtime. In just 9 working days, the guarantee business completed the final approval process from the sub-branch to the city bank, and then to the provincial bank and the head office, fully reflecting the service attitude, service speed and service temperature of ICBC in serving the real economy and helping the project construction. It has also been highly praised by enterprises. At noon on December 1, Huang Zhenyu, a member of the Party Committee of ICBC Anhui Branch, met with the visiting executives of the company accompanied by Li Xingyi, general manager of the business department of the provincial bank and Xu Min, president of the Shenzhen branch. The two sides held discussions and exchanges on further deepening cooperation, fully meeting the financing needs of the project, and comprehensively helping the orderly progress of the project construction, and reached consensus. At the meeting, President Xu Min formally issued a guarantee letter of 850 million yuan to the chairman of the company. In recent years, ICBC Shenzhen Branch has continuously increased its efforts to serve the real economy, playing a leading role and the main force in the construction of major projects, manufacturing loans, etc., and demonstrating the responsibility of state-owned banks with pragmatic actions. In the next step, ICBC Shenzhen Branch will combine the characteristics of Shenzhen's economic development, unswervingly improve the quality and efficiency of manufacturing financial supply, and continue to contribute financial wisdom and strength to the construction of "Three excellent Shenzhen".