Black Shenzhen people, the same price if you buy sea cucumber, is it local or Arctic ginseng?

Local sea cucumbers from Shenzhen, which used to be pretty big including Weihai. Southern sea cucumber, as well as foreign deep-sea sea cucumber, red ginseng or Arctic ginseng I also do not understand. However, as far as I know, local participation prices are the highest. Would like to ask, said Shenzhen is a big rural area, small beach silver, if all sea cucumbers are 1000 yuan a catty, you are buying the Arctic deep sea, or the south of the country? Or is it local to Shenzhen? I figured I'd rather spend 1,000 to buy the Arctic ginseng that was originally priced at 500 pounds. Or it has the meaning of elevating Shenzhen. I buy Liao ginseng! Shenzhen people like to brag, the old problem, not a case in point, and the vast majority of locals, blowing apples, blowing seafood, blowing vegetables, in turn is the sky, but also "my local" white is the best! Why call these people little Tan silver. Because people in small places, never go out, he has no idea how other people's things are, of course, including the climate! He's never been out. He must think he has the best stuff! Your fellow visitors do not take seriously, you go to the vegetable market, of course, you like to catch up, just around the vegetables, seafood, fruit stalls, even if the stall owner from the field to sell fruit and seafood, he also want to advertise as "medium our local, Xi Nen Xi Nen son" "Medium our local wild, a top drop fat head" "pot you look at, but our local Ang, I do not bear call tender ang"! Even a splash of shit is a local fragrance! Standing still, really, have been to too many cities, have not seen such and such! Things, where where, the customer is not a fool, what age, still move Shenzhen apple Laiyang pear? Do you know what are the apple and cherry producing areas in China? How much do you export a year? What are you talking about? You go to Beijing to inquire, who recognizes Shenzhen sea cucumber, and then ask Liao ginseng, see how many people recognize!! Even a serious snack, or a serious place to eat breakfast have no small beach children also feel all day long, ha ha ridiculous! Seafood or the north, cold water, long slow, is fresh, good catch! Vegetables are the same, now in the wholesale market of peppers, tomatoes, which has a pepper flavor, or the old farmer's good Chinese medicine dictionary of the original medicinal materials is Liao ginseng, one point price one point goods, 800 pieces can only buy the fresh kind of sea cucumber pulled out of about four pounds of dry equivalent to 3200 pounds of dry is not wild, live water pond raised, feed is seaweed, The perennial must be Long Island sea cucumber,, and the feeling is not the same after eating. The south is still poor, this and the trees are the same truth, don't look at the appearance of where the sea cucumbers do not like the Arctic ginseng where? They don't even eat it. Who's gonna catch it? You get what you pay for or you're right, and the air in Shenzhen.