He was injured on Saturday, February 14th

Tomorrow buy a kite to go to the best park to fly to have a kite master not from small to large, did not put the kite in the sky woman, passing! You want to play feather ball or not? It doesn't matter if you can't put it up, just want the kind of flying process heart poke! I'm afraid I'm gonna fly my racket. You go work out. Go to the gym! A group of amateur professional friends led Enxiao's class. I want to fly a kite to court. Do you think it is feasible to hang a banner on the kite tail that says Xiaojun… You're crazy!
Love 4 years girlfriend, broke up with me for the house, sad ah, the house can not afford to buy is my fault, the house is really so important. Can't help it. In real life, women always put the house first. Lord, you must admit your fault. Even if you're trying to comfort someone who doesn't quite agree with you. Under the pressure of reality, every loyal lover is weak. It's not a big problem for two people to stick together. Either side can not insist on it can only collapse. The floor is so sad women!! My car is too old to be polite!! The house is not the problem, no house is the problem change a new, not better, find a house to stick to you, anger her LZ girlfriend quality is good? I have a house and a car. Introduce me
YES is love this cargo orchid villa brother, this sentence said the most correct. Wrong! Don't cherish, enjoy
The quality of the teacher's class determines the traffic of the mobile phone this month. I still have 2115MB left. What should I do
Please take the last line off the sticker, the city golden seat how many nights
Since the beginning of 2012, every day has passed so fast, as if it happened yesterday, flipping through the calendar, it has been a week. Not a single memory left in my mind… I'm sad… Take a tape recorder and record it, the kind police use when they examine bodies in movies