Afternoon tea (January 9) : A man drinks too much and swallows a bottle cap. A condom saves him

Guess everyone's not going to work these days, right? 1.jpg download attachment west sauce has been counting the days: this week Yuyao Forum anniversary, how to open the company's annual meeting next week, in the next week may almost be able to have a holiday! 2. The discount season before the Year of the Rooster is underway, but I am a little puzzled by such advertisements. 3.png Download attachment You sell your sweater, what's my father Ma Yun's concern? 4.png download attachment Just because my horse father prefers woolen sweaters, colorful can summon the woolen sweater fairy, it will hinder you? 5.png But in fact this is a gimmick, just like the yellow crane hanging out of Jiangnan tannery. Dad, it's a good thing they didn't say you ran off with your sister-in-law…… 6.png download accessories online shop open up, physical store business is naturally not so good, retail really can not sell, wholesale to the company to do year-end welfare ah. 7.png download attachment But the question is, so regardless of men and women uniform high heels really good? Sanitation workers in Zhengzhou, Henan province, have received such benefits. 8.png download accessories are hair women's shoes worth mentioning, their wife can wear it, but in winter you do not hair cotton shoes hair shoes? 9.png download attachment Originally this was a shoe donated by a caring person to a sanitation worker. How is this different from sending computers and ipads to children in areas without electricity? All good intentions and bad deeds! 10.png download attachment If you really have love, it is better to pay attention to the scalper, which makes people hate people pity the crowd! 11. Recently, when the police were on duty at Hefei Xinqiao Airport, they caught scalpers who thought they were soliciting passengers for buses at the airport. The scalper wrote a guarantee at the police station that made me laugh for half a day. 13.png download attachments Come on, let's punch line. "This industry is also difficult to do, not beauty, to shout beauty." Not handsome. Handsome. If you are not Grandpa, you must call Grandpa." 14.png download attachment In fact, this kind of thing, more open also called very natural. I used to feel ashamed calling people "beautiful", but I've got used to it. 15. He also wrote a poem at the end of the article: "The valley is reverberating, do not solicit!" The river is whimpering, do not solicit! The sea is howling, no soliciting!" 16.png Download Appendix If you don't become a scalper, I might see your name on the new poetry collection. 17.png download attachment said more are bitter tears, all walks of life are not easy ah. Let's just say the gastroenterologist, there's always some weird stuff in people's bellies. 18. A man in Lianyungang drank beer so freely that he swallowed the bottle cap he dropped into the cup. 19. The doctor was worried that the serrations around the bottle caps would cut his stomach, so he decided: Put on a condom! 20.png download attachment The bottle cap that the doctor was going to open the stomach for surgery to remove is now fixed by a gastroscope condom in 5 minutes. What a doctor's heart! 21. Of course, this man has also achieved something that probably most of us can't: a man who has eaten a condom. 22. In fact, it is easy for us to achieve such strange achievements in life, such as western sauce when we were young: the tongue was sucked by the AD calcium milk bottle. 23.png download attachment to tell us about the embarrassing things in your life! Reply to the message, wonderful reply will appear in the afternoon tea oh! Afternoon tea 500 information.gif download attachment (some images from the Internet, only for the purpose of transmitting information, do not represent the sound of this site.) That scalper writes well. Business is tough.