[Taizhou today]2023 Spring Festival file Taizhou cinema box office

… Wanda Cinema 1.94 million, Elephant Cinema 1.75 million, Maoye Bona 1.2 million, Zhongjun Huan Ying 940,000… Zhongjun World City is more popular than Maoye department store, but the Huan Ying box office is not as good as Bona… The price is double that of many first-tier cities and second-tier cities! Even three or four times! See a wandering earth, Shanghai nearly 100 yuan, Xi 'an two people 49. … Didn't look. The price was too high… You are so professional, actually do not know that Bona Film City Maoye Store 8 halls 1100 seats, Huan Ying Film City Jun store 7 halls 852 seats, both whether the number of films or seats are not on the same starting line can not be compared. … I saw it in the Galaxy Happy Cinema, group purchase only 40 yuan/person… Not as good as Bona's all year… Xinghua Taixing Wuyue Xingyi Cinema seat is not more than Hailing Wanda, but the Spring Festival box office more than Hailing Wanda… Xinghua Wuyue seat number more than 1800, similar. Xinghua and Taixing Xingyi Cinema both have 1600 seats… Jiangyan Jinyi Cinema box office is not ideal, affecting the expansion in Shanghai